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1.6 - a pivotal update for me


I am really tired of everything that is wrong about this game, and am looking at the 1.6 update as a moment to decide just how much time and energy (and money) I will continue to put into it.

It’s sad, because I really like this game, but it is executed far too poorly for me to really dedicate much more time to it.

How much longer do you think you might put up with all the ridiculousness?

Please can we have an update ludia?

Once we see how much and who gets nerfed will let me know what direction to go. I’m not sinking more money into a bottomless pit only to have my Dino’s I’ve built up get gutted. I guess it’s asking too much for their dev to actually come up with new content and not just tweak the code on existing Dino’s.


I have thoroughly enjoyed this game.
I would hate for it jwa to get bad and unfun.
This game is awesome!


I’m waiting to see as well. Between the bugs, terrible gps and connection issues, and bad mechanics for me the game has become more frustrating than fun. We’ll see what direction the game heads in.


Yeah 1.6 has to do more then intruduce a few new dinos and a few alliance improvements… if they dont address the spawn issues by 1.6 i may unistall. Cause i cant be saying ill play alot less because thats already happened. This isnt the only mobile game i play… and lately it isnt even the mobile game i play the most or spend the most on… that has been brawl stars.

Countrary to what Ludia may want to think im not so addicted they can milk me for ever no matter what they do.


Ludia is trying their hardest.
Cut them some slack, why not?
I bet they hate listening to us rant.
I couldn’t code anything nearly as good as JWA!


1.6 is going to be my make it or break it update.

Is it going to be the straw that breaks the camels back? We’ll see.

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How do you know there really tring their hardest do you watch them work?

Theu showed how hard they were tring to fix bugs when they fixed the supply depot bug in like 2 days. Fastest ive seen them fix any other bug is like 2 months.


on a lot of issues I’m inclined to defend ludia as well but I do have to admit the way they almost instantly fix the supply drops because it negatively affected their bottom line and they still don’t fix the issues with the game bothers me considerably. I truly enjoy this game and although I haven’t spent nearly as much time and money as a lot of you into it I need to see something change soon as well more than anything this spawns because frankly I drive 30 miles to work and 30 miles back and I see only the worst and most unusable epics. I take my dog for an hour walk using scents the entire time and get MAYBE 2 dinosaurs worth darting something needs to change


Then why dont you guys code the game and find the bug then, hm?
Look, we are all really mad at ludia, but just realise their work is hard :slightly_smiling_face:


Because that would be illegal.


I meant on looking up how to code.
It’s super hard.
Your Illegal
Oh! Roast! Sick burn!

Pls dont report me I did nothing wrong

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While i didnt take it that way calling someone illegal can be taken wrong.


This is absolutely the deciding factor… 1.6 might be the end for me, if this game is still broken, in several aspects.

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I’ll get burned out before these guys fix anything. I’ve surpassed the amount of time I played pokego as of this point and starting to see an end. It’s starting to feel like a job.


the whole - lets give this person 14 dodges, 57 stuns and 112 critical hits - and treat it like a legitimate outcome, like that person is good at the game… has gotten really old. advancing them up the leader board, awarding trophies and incubators. it’s just disgusting now. and most people are still in a sweaty and will just barely beat you 3-2 with their last dinos having 7 HP left… even AFTER getting all that RNG.

then you’ll match up with them in the next game and there will be even, or no RNG and you’ll just flood them 3-1 or 3-0. that more than anything breaks the game and has because tiresome.


Really? Draco g2 is prove that they are not

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Just code a pokemon go game and show it to me.


Agreed. Spawn and bugs are just horrifying right now, and not to mention their new stance on spoofers (See Marktheshark’s thread for screenshots if you missed their reply back to him).

When a GPS game feels more like Russian roulette with RNG, and little to no way to progress by finding wild dinos, then clearly something’s amiss.


For me 1.6 is the deciding factor because the game has become tedious and boring. All my matches in the upper arena are decided by either team level or RNG. Also looking at the top 50 it looks like it is decided by perfect play and RNG. I am not complaining I do truly love this game but like MTG the card game it has become the same matches for me over and over. I may be moving on and playing very sporadically.

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