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1.6 - a pivotal update for me

I don’t see there being any major issues. Just small ones that Ludia will fix as they can. People are far too negative. Just enjoy the game and don’t worry.


I think your missing an issue most of us have posted here and thst is since the 1.5 spawn mechanics were introduced we are enjoying the game alot less. I used to enjoy the game but since 1.5 i think ive gone out to just to hunt maybe 5 times… before 1.5 i went out daily. Ill load up the game if im already going somewhere.

If you look at most of the complaints in this thread spawn mechanics is the most talked about. Metahub did an article not to long ago on the spawn issues and they are normally some of the first to defend ludia. If 1.6 doesnt address spawn issues I will not just enjoy. I will just unistall and cancel my and my families vip accounts as well.


Spawn rates do seem to have dropped but I wouldn’t say by an awful lot. I still turn my phone on and see dinosaurs. It’s something I am sure they will fix, but it isn’t worth not playing the game over in my opinion.

since 1.5 i spend more time here on the forum than playing the game :joy:


Okay, this is pretty much the one thing I would like to see this game fix. Yes, there are bugs and issues with the mechanics of the game, however, I can look around those things. What are these Augmented Reality games for? They are for the enjoyment of roaming around and catching creatures to progress. If that particular mechanic is broken itself, how exactly are we supposed to enjoy this game. The only reason I love this game is because it allows everyone to have some sort of a similar chance by distributing resources everywhere. If spawn mechanics are fixed, I would 100% say that this game would be better. What most people are complaining about right now directly correlates to the terrible spawn mechanics in the game. Therefore, if this one thing was fixed, this game would definitely become more exciting to play.

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For example, before 1.5, we used to see more epics and rares, in general, and that’s what excites people because you don’t see them often… Now, we don’t see any of that… I wish Ludia just brought back that one aspect of the game back from previous patches.

Honestly i used to do every single strike… i dont think i missed a strike in a 2 month period… ive reverted just to doing epic strike towers and some blue strike towers. But ive evem skipped a few blue strikes and havent bother with this weekends epic strike. Might do it today but im not sure.

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This is Ludia; they wont fix anything. Anyone hoping for the game to magically get better is delusional. They wont fix bus that dont directly impact their profits. They wont fix anything; they’ll just throw sparkly, glittery new stuff over the top in the hopes it distracts everyone from how terribly designed and bugged the game is. This is the way the game is; no update is ever going to change that.


All bugs can affect profits if they are driving players away.

Having written programs and scripts, I understand that it can be difficult to track down bugs and that sometimes fixing one bug introduces another. But bugs that your player base has been complaining about months on end need to have some kind of priority.


If we don’t get at least 1 teaser for update 1.6 this week, I may quit the game.
Another reason I may quit is because the special event weeks and strike event weeks are becoming boring.
I just want to rage at the strike theme this week. :rage::rage:


I only started playing beginning of August but for me the biggest issue I have is the fairness of spawns and zones. I 100% dont understand why they can’t just have a rotation so everyone gets a fair chance to dart the same dinosaurs. Also living in a rural area I will never the variety and rate of epics. It would be nice for there to be something that would even the playing field whether it’s better rates of spawns or something that is exclusive to rural areas, etc.

I would also love for the scent strikes to change. And instead of random awards each one just guarantee a certain scent capsule. I am so annoyed that about 90% of the time all I win is a 5 minute capsule and my husband gets an epic every other time. Maybe have an epic once a week or every other and have it be more challenging to earn.


By extension: someone goes to the doctor, gets a wrong diagnosis, and dies. At this point, you pop up and say “c’mon, get a degree in medicine and show me a better diagnosis” (facepalm)

Coders code. Players play. In order for a game to be playable, it needs to be properly coded. This game is not properly coded, and the company doesn’t care about hiring better coders / force their current coders to work on the real bugs, simply because they don’t care.

We’ve seen very well how they fixed super-fast the bug of the unlimited coins. But yet fixing a damage preview (which worked perfectly before 1.4) is a daunting task, requiring more than 4 months to be solved.


Fair point.
Just give them credit.
All the bugs will fix.

And new ones will come in

Me too. That’s a clear sign for game’s bad shape.

So many of these threads popping up, more now then ever. You would hope someone at Ludia might try to consider what has been said since 1.4+… same issues plague the players.

Same things being brought up over and over. Same things that make countless players quit without even announcing it to the forums.

At this rate I am terrified of 1.6. Will it be the same ol, different day sort of patch? With no fixes to RNG, bugs, spoofers and spawns? Just more stuff added that breaks the game further? Track record of patches doesn’t look bright to a game I used to care for a hell of a lot more than I do today.


It became apparent to me shortly after I started playing JWA that it’s nothing more than a soulless cash grab designed to squeeze every penny out of players while praying on their love of the JP/JW franchise. Since Ludia is content with treating their customers with contempt, I’m content with treating them with disdain.

As a result I’ve only ever played as a casual gamer. I refuse to invest ridiculous amounts of time and money into this game. I play when I want and how I want, otherwise it’s issues become unbearable to the point of being unhealthy.

But despite the problems, I won’t stop playing this game until it becomes unplayable. I love dinosaurs and that isn’t going to change. It’s just that I’m not invested in it, it’s something I dip into a few times a day rather than spend hours playing.


Now that the release notes are out, (and the blatant disregard for the cheaters in this current tournament), I’m probably not giving up entirely, but my playing time is going to drop substantially - not to mention any financial transactions I may have been inclined to make… not that Ludia cares, they have the Zone 5 residents propping up their bottom line again.

It’s a shame, the game is a good idea, just put in the hands of a second rate company.


Niantic lol