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1.6 Arena Predictions


How do y’all think the changes in 1.6 will affect the arenas? Are bleeders a more viable option and tanks less so? Thoughts?


1.6 - Everyone will Swap between Dracorex Gen 2 and Dracoceratops with it’s cleanse! :joy::joy:


Swap until you drop!


Swap until you lose. :grin:

New swap in abilities will shake up arena, but doubt there will be major changes in top tier arenas.

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My prediction is that not a whole lot changed. Upper arenas will still be heavy on the same Dino’s. More magna(from 0 to like 20%) less utarinex(slightly), a select few will run the two new uniques until the rest get them in March-ish. The new abilities will be for Dino’s too weak to be in the upper meta. All in all, same game.


I predict Baryonyx gen 2 and 1 gonna shake the meta!!!
They earn the biggest buff with ouranosaure :grin:


Neither bary is gonna shake any meta… they may now be playable.

Ourano might be a pretty dominant force in the lower arenas where he was already a good dino…


I guess more top-players will start to drop in arenas because of no differens in gameplay.

I mean, if you meet same dinos time after time it’s boring.

I think more players will have 2 set ups of dinos.

  1. For winning tournaments
  2. For casual and fun everday use :slight_smile:

I’m curious if the tyrant 7 will stay the same.


And 0 Monomimus (decrease from 30~20%?)
Thanks to that 127 speed…:rage::rage::rage:

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Utarinex for sure is out of the select entourage


Ourano maybe, but i doubt either baryonyx will do anything to change to meta… since they both lost something as well… maybe in lower arenas


Out of tyrant but probably still in apex


Pyrritator is useless now.