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1.6 could be two weeks away?


First off credit to @Pocemon

In his latest video he said according to the datamine we have two more weeks of event creatures after this cunning week . Those are fast and fallen kingdom. After that their are no more events in the app so an update would be needed probaly on the tuesday of the fallen kingdom event.


Totally possible, also the chest event should end in 3 weeks, so there is a really high chance.
I really hope they start hinting at it the next week.

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The worst part about this update being so close means that a new tournament will likely be starting soon :frowning:


woohoo free cash and coins!!


It’d be welcome. However, unless they fix the lack of spawns, a new update will be completely irrelevant. The only relevant aspect of the game to make any progress are the featured dinos of the week…

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It’s been so hard to resist leveling dinos until the update at least has notes


Hopefully they add Therizinosaurus, Corythesaurus, or something else.
The update they do could either ruin or improve the game. Get ready for unlimited rant topics!


I want carcharodontosaurids so bad


The one thing that would really screw ludia up is that they would do an aquatic update. Making certain dinosaurs spawn in certain places. Like making a koolasuchus spawn near a creek.
I would like some more aquatic creatures, but I want them to spawn like normal.

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Please give us some hints this week. Maybe just release the patch note this week! Give us fans some excitement in this cold winter please, Ludia. :slight_smile:

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I want giganotosaurus, the true giga…


Check the new Tournament pop-up message:

  • Dates : January 17th to February 4th
  • Guaranteed Prize : Erlikosaurus DNA

With the tournament being held for the next 3 weeks, doubt a patch would be rolled out in between!


Agreed. That would be awesome.


I want Acrocanthosaurus, giganotosaurus, mapusaurus, carcharodontosaurus and altispinax, with a new animation possibly.


*3 weeks away

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Don’t forget Tyrannotitan!

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There are still dinos (fliers) from 1.3 that arent in the game lol


Nope. No new update until after new tournie finishes… so at leasr 21+ days after the tournie starts


All we know right know is Maiasaura but they can’t just be giving us one new dinosaur. I expect a few more plus a couple new hybrids for them. Fingers crossed.


Scolosaurus, maiasaura, pachy, scafognatus and ramphorincus were all datamined but never added.
Also hybrids for edmontosaurus, iguanodon, hatzegopteryx, darwinopterus, stigymoloch (prob gen 2) and procerato (very hyped for It, i will dart some of them in this week special event) were datamined.