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1.6 how do you counter Indoraptor


Basically every dino has its own kryptonite. That dino that kills it every time if equal level and even if a lower level.

So tell me. What is the kryptonite for Indoraptor? At 3600 rank I don’t have an Indo yet and this new update is going to crush my best chance which was the faster but softer hitting and much more fragile mono legendary.

Who do I used now?


How to counter it??It’s pretty obvious,bring a Dino with nullify.
… OR …

Just be Lucky or your opponent Unlucky

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Most counters don’t get crushed in the fight. Indo had more health and his harder than just anything even closer to it’s own speed. So any counter still gets heavily damaged by the Indo’s attack. Mon at least could get the first strike in but now it cannot. The only other dino with nullify and sped is a common that doesn’t have the health or damage output to survive.

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Monostego, Suchotator, Spinotasuchus are all good ones.


Tanycolagreus is good at countering indo I do it 90%of the time


I feel like you rarely ever get a sure thing with countering Indo. It is just one hell of a versatile Dino. All the Dinos @Rantz mentioned have been my consistent go to and I do not think this is going to change for 1.6 (however the swap in nullifiers could be promising). I am pretty pleased to see the boost monostego got with reducing the nullify cool down. The slow, stun, nullify routine has been the most effective imo.


What annoys me is Mono was one of the best counters and now it is nerfed to be too slow.

Starting to think Ludia should grant DNA refunds when they nerf a dino.


I must have missed something? I didn’t see anything about monostego getting it’s speed adjusted? Are you talking about the slowing impact cool down?


Monomimus got speed nerfed. It was faster, now slower, than indo.


Gotcha! I was thinking about the wrong mono! My bad y’all!


Suchotator, monostego, Tany, the new swap in unique with the drain.


Dilorach, erlidom, magna(as long as it’s one level higher or u want to pray on winning the speed tie)

Know these arent available to you at ur current spot in the game. But something to look forward to


Your safest bet at your trophy count is Suchotator… I still use her in Aviary…


Suchatator is my best guy in Aviary. Almost no one he loses to.


Especially now it’s been Buffed

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She’s so good, honestly. Nullification, bleed, slow, instant cripple… wonderful mix.