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1.6 is announce in a way


Thoughts? Let’s see what are your opinions

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no monomimus, longneck or tank type of unique being introduced.

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I guess yellow and green ones from the right are hybrids of this guy… Too bad that I used all attempts on dilo


That seems like similar to metahub ver.1.5 data mining result.

Which means at least the yellow one in right side is Proceratosaurus based hybrid.
And the left side one bsed on Edmontosaurus + Iguanodon


The unique flier on the right looks like Alankylo…


Is that a koola hybrid?


One of them looks like a Stygi or Dracorex pterosaur hybrid.

Bigger pictures:


I kinda had the feeling I‘d regret not going after Koolasuchus.


that bottom one looks like koola or ankylocodon. the flyer unique top right looks like draco?


Perhaps styli gen 2 on the far right


There’s a bigger picture on their facebook, but of course the forum filter has decided that a link to the JWA facebook needs to be checked first.

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Larger pics:

Alankylo + Stygi ?
and…whatever some amphibian

Seem like Darwin + ?? Hatzgo?

The former Legendary + epic Dimorpho?

Iguanodon + something

Procerato + ???


we are both missing the unique on the left.

edit: you have them all. thanks for posting


So I’m not the only one… Yup. Had a feeling that the bottom legendary on the right was part Koola. Dangflabit.


But which Koola?


Thanks for this!


Most likely Epic Koola, just to make us feel bad about not getting her :expressionless:

I also speculate that the Procera hybrid is part Raptor… But that could be me.


I overlook Koola2 more that I do with the epic one :woman_shrugging:


proceratany?? my money is on procera+tany


Stigy gen 2 + alankylo.
A bleed flier unique with dimodactylus
quetzal +hatze as a legendary