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1.6 is very unstable


Since the upgrade 21.6 I’ve noticed multiple problems with the game.

  1. Touch screen being very unresponsive at random points when shooting darts.

  2. Chests taking 6 to 12 taps to open.

  3. game not responding in middle of battles with both other players and when fighting incubator events.

These issues really need to be resolved. The upgrade to 1.6 definitely improved the fun of the game, but the stability issues take a lot of that away.

  1. Darting does seem to have become harder since the update. I’m nowhere near as accurate as previously and it’s like the drone is sluggish now.

  2. For me chests have always been like that. I have it just keep tapping to get it to open.

  3. Haven’t had this occur so far.


I think the hitbox on chests is really small, which should be a super easy fix, but for some reason has not changed since they were introduced.


I’ve always had that problem with chests as well. It’s always annoying but worse on the bus or the train because your window for being within range is so short.


1.6 is a great update but it’s definitely more buggy. Chat spazzez out more often and I have to restart constantly.
I’ve also thrown my drone out to dinos and waited a few moments before darting them only to have the screen unresponsive then flash fast and then the drone disengages
Anyway great update but it’s very glitchy.


Treasure chests have always been like that for me. Oddly enough, it’s random. Only a few do it, it’s like you could tap all day and they wouldn’t open.


I’m glad it’s not just me with the drone issue. My screen just goes unresponsive at the 5 second mark. Very annoying

  1. autokill of dinosaurs without attacks in battle arena.

  2. getting kicked from harvesting data or the reticule does not move and unable to fire

  3. takes forever to even have dinosaurs come into battle.

  4. alliance mission disappears and not being compensated for efforts with rewards.

These are the many discrepancies I have experienced with the update. Granted it has improved other things. Please fix or lose me as a patron and I will make sure that my voice will be heard as to discourage others from using this app altogether.


Notice same issues


I noticed the chest thing too, I just repeatedly tap all over the screen now for them to open. I don’t remember them being that way prior to the update either.

And I’ve always had battle problems, I figure the opponents internet connection is just bad. Or they’re in an iffy area with bad WiFi.

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  1. Having excellent Erliko darting session, then at the end the screen flashes and locks up. And the whole thing doesn’t count :frowning:

  2. Darting parasaurolophus, around 10 seconds left the drone freezes in place and is unresponsive. Dino walks off. That one counted at least.

  3. The usual getting disconnected during a pivotal battle arena moment… multiple times.

  4. Alliance missions for all seem to have been wiped.

  5. Not a huge deal, but the special incubators keep disappearing and reappearing.


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  1. The music disappears after I start darting or fighting.
  2. The roads are invisible in huge swaths even after clearing the cache and restarting the phone and the game. This is on both my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy S6.
  3. I’ve had to restart the game a few times when doing strike events and it froze, which never happened before.
  4. If you do a friendly battle, you can no longer talk in Alliance Messages until restarting the game, which really sucks because after after a friendly battle I want to be able to discuss it.
  5. Alliance chat screen won’t let you scroll sometimes.
  6. I’ve experiences almost all the other issues listed in this thread as well.
  7. Speed indicator and damage indicator STILL NOT FIXED!!
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