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1.6 new hybrid speculation


So in metahub there is a rumor that in the apk there is a new hybrid called stigydarex which is supposedly a stigy-bird hybrid. And ludia has been giving us lots of alanqa what if stigydarex isnt a new rare hybrid but instead it is a superhybrid of alankyla and stigy gen 2?!? It would make a lot of sense since its low stats are the only thing keeping alankyla down. And this would fill in a slot needed for a long time :a unique true tank! We finally may see a tank better than stegodeus theoritically or at least can beat it head on head. Also we have a loooot of useless stigy gen 2 dna too so. I am looking forward to it

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And then five minutes after the release you will have everyone on here crying how op it is and they need to nerf it immediately.


I’m not getting my hopes up to high about that stygi gen 2 thing. I don 't have any expectations, so I won’t get dissapointed.:blush:


ludia wants us to level it up to 20 dont they. we spend coins on it? also stigy or something else i want a alankyla hybrid


How about instead of sinking time into new dinosaurs Ludia actually fix the ridiculous amount of bugs this game has first?


Stigydarex? Kinda of a let down if true. I like the birds and was thinking we need an Immune Bird.

We have Shielding, Invincible, Counter-Attack, and Bleeding birds. We don’t have a single immune one.

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