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1.6 speculation

Heres my speculations for the dinosaurs and hybrids of 1.6!

Unique number 1:


I think this is a mix between Dimodactylus and something else because its size and alikeness to dimodactulus. Maybe it could be darwinopteryx because they have a simular size…

Legendary number 1:


This could be arambourgina mixed with darwinopteryx, this is a big pterosaur so it could be any of those… doesen’t look armored though…

Epic number 1:


This is definitly a hadrosaur. I think it’s an epic because of the yellow shine. It can’t be iguanodon, it has small spikes. Im not so sure about this one…

Epic number 2:


Since this update is about balancing, this probably is proceratosaurus that has become epic. That would explain the yellow shine…

Unique number two:


This is most definetly alankylosaurus fused with something else… it has the same structure and all… for some reason I think it looks like it could be fused with Stygimoloch GEN 2 because it does kinda have the spikey head thing…

Legendary number 2:


This is almost 100% a fusion with koolasuchus GEN 1 or 2. It does look like a really derpy skiddadle boi in my opinion. I could be Koolasaurus from JWTG (a fusion between sarcosuchus and koolasuchus) It does kinda look like it is armored in my eyes…

So what are your opinions in this? What do you think this could be? Am i right or wrong?

BTW if it is a koola hybrid i really want it… it’s so derps and cute…


About that first epic, it could definitely be Iguanodon. I think body and forelegs with the big thumb claw (? not sure how to call it in English) speak for it.

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These are all Hybrids, the epics (and yes, thats what the shine stands for) aswell. There also are a lot other threads already speculating about the hybrids.

Speculation is that Tany will be fused with procer

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I think the hadrosaur epic is Iguanodon + Edmontosaurus
The second epic is either Proceratosaurus gen2, or a procerato hybrid with something similar like tany. Theres no way ludia would change the rarity of a dino that already exists


#1 is Rhamphorhyncus(new creature)+Dimodactylus

#2 is probably Dsungaripterus+Arambourgiania

#3 is Iguanodon+Edmontosaurus or possibly Maiasaura(new creature)

#4 is Proceratosaurus+Tanycolagreus

#5 is most probably alankylosaurus+Stygi G2

#6 is Definitely Koola G1, the other half is hard to determine. Probably a crocodile, maybe even one of the land crocs like postosuchus. I personally think it’s a fusion with Suchotator, but it’s probably more hope than truth lol

1, 3 and 4 are the same as me, imo 2 is hatzegopteryx + darwin, 5 could be alankylo + stigy g2 or it could be the new legendary flyer + stygi g2, 6 is tricky, its 100% koola (could be both, i hope its g1 because i have 3.5k DNA for it) + something with armor/spikes and a “horn”, i just hope its a normal hybrid, so it can become a unique in the future.

If it’s with a Koola it’ll be the Koolasaurus from JW the game. Sarcosuchus and Koolasuchus. It’s a fan favourite dinosaur and looks boss

I think they will finally fix matchmaking in 1.6. It’s totally useless to make new dinosaurs, if you cannot keep new players into the game, and you cannot keep new players, if everybody is unranking and stomping them, as it is right now. Forget new dinos, if matchmaking is not fixed, the game is doomed.