1.6 vs 1.7

1.6 and I’d be out getting deinocherus dna like crazy.

1.7 Why bother? I don’t have the boosts to make the unique useful anymore, even though it is a pretty awesome dino. Not even going to waste the coin on leveling it.

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1.6 was way more boring lol. 1.7 paving the way.


ouran is now in my backyard. no more going to a bank in l2 and looking suspect. i agree deino is rare but it was meant tobe.

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I see it all over the place. My point is I’m not going to bother, since without boosts to put into the dilocheirus it’s just Thor fodder.


I unlocked by Dilorach right after 1.7 was up. I find it not viable now and therefore benched it.
It loses to many dinos such as Tuora, Monostegotops, Magna, Utasino, Erlidom and of course boosted Thor. Before boosts were implemented, Dilorach was great and gave me pain when facing it. Now I am happy when my opponent uses it. But I still level it up just in case it will be buffed some time.