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1.6 : What I want


… what I really, really want is … a new loading screen … bored of snow (some bug fixes would be nice too)


I want that too!


I also would like a new loading screen. Maybe like a river with a Spinosaurus in the middle of the river hunting, a Baryonyx resting on the right side of the riverbed and a Sarcosuchus crawling out the river on the left side of the riverbed? Idk?


That sounds neat. Considering we already had a T-Rex loading scree, a Brachiosaurus-Pterosaurus one, it would be nice. Or maybe something with coelurosaurians and ornithomimids, like Velociraptor, Ornithomimus,Tanycolagreus and Proceratosaurus?


What majority of players want
Visibility on direction of updates,
Bug fixes,
No Nerf’s,
A few buffs(magma needs love!!!),
Battle incubators to go back to giving decent DNA,
Increase in rare and epic spawns,
Actually rounding up and perma banning of all known spoof/hack/resource gen accounts.

What we likely to get
Sneaky unanounced changes,
No fixes,
Extreme unfair Nerf’s,
Buffs to creatures that don’t need it,
Battle incubators will prob get worse(as they have past2 updates) ,
Spawns will get even worse!, Spoofs/hax/genners on top of leader board with strike content released to cater to them!

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