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I just receive notification from App Store that there is new version of JWA - 1.7.30. What is the purpose of that version

I see it, but I’m afraid to update.
My game is kinda working at the moment.


Hmn. I did update and no problem so far, but also did not spot any changes.

No update for me

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I’ve got it now. Anyone know what’s this is for?

It looks like a hard fix to the speed bypass issue… the button is now greyed out when you dont have enough boosts to tier up.

@J.C, @Ren sorry to bug you, but do you possibly know what the update is about?

Haven’t opened the game yet but thanks. Wonder if there is anything elser

Not that I can see… I gotta say though with the fix to the speed boost bypass coming in… looks like preparation to putting boosts back in the shop is underway.

Oh no. God no

Before update 3 scents no scolo… after update first spawn on a common was a scolo so maybe that too.

Update… scent game me 3 scolo… was stationary.

This update is actually about bug fixes!


Updated but still can’t get an Arena battle. :frowning:

Some bugs that we don’t know?

Please see this thread for more information!

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Ah ok. Makes sense

Thanks so much for the explanation

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can you confirm that the developers know that this oversight:

the ability to purchase Stat Boost multiple times should not have been made available

has created an incredible imbalance in the arena? i cant stress this enough - there has been an almost complete upheaval in aviary due to improperly boosted creatures.


Absolutely, we can confirm that and I also believe this has already been addressed in the previous posts.