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1.7 hype!

So let’s all share what we’re excited about or excited to see this upcoming patch. Keep it positive, let’s not turn this into a rant.

I’m most excited to finally see a sauropod and spinosaurid unique! All aboard the erlikospyx hype train!


At the moment, most hyped about Proceratho getting buffed and Diora getting a makeover


We’ll see about that :wink:

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Meg love

Stat boosts + Indominus Rex base damage buff

There will be some real carnage as the Hybrid Queen will once again take the Throne.


I have no rant.

I’m really hoping daily migration means zones are dead. That over a week everything wild comes to the streets near you. Most of my hybrid DNA is 1000’s of one none of the other. Absolute dream to just hunt locally if that’s what it means.


dodgers and cloakers maybe sitting ducks now.


Yeah in a way anything with cloak/evasive took a bit of a hit with precise attacks and counters…

Tawny buffed back to beat indo…

Looks like there will be more incentives to NOT drop arenas. Woohoo!

yeah and now skoolasaurus has 2 rampages lol. there is a wanted poster on all cloakers and dodgers

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My girls Argentina and Erliko2 got hybrids my guys.

And I remember talking about an immune sauropod several months ago… Nice to see that coming to life.

Beware bleeders, bewear.

Also, stat boosts. I’m low-key terrified and excited all at once. The possibilities are endless, but this also means that dangerous opponents will be even moreso.

Imagine an Indom that has just as much speed as V-Raptor… Terror in the Lockwood Estate…


also imagine a lvl30 velo with every stat boosted in aviary :smiley:

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I mean… Cloakers definitely not. Evasive users… Maybe?

It’s just now they have more matchups that aren’t good.

Indominus will still be top tier material, she still beats a good chunk of the current top tiers and the only bad new matchups are Gemini, the Erliko Spino and Spinonyx. Same for Erlidominus.

Indoraptor… Maybe. But then again, if you invest in speed and more health, even Indoraptor should be fine.

If we can apply the 3 boosts to a single Dino that would be awesome; imagine like some using speed, health or even attack boost on a creature like “Thor” or even “Alita”!

with the new abilities (precise and definite mechanics)and dinos there is a huge target on cloakers/dodgers backs now.

Literally the definite moves are just like nullifying moves but that can bypass armor

yes. and precise aswell. so even dioraj counter1000dmg can hit through

No, precise doesn’t erase the cloak or evasive

Definitely. But Indominus was always a dino which required awareness when to draft, so it isn’t changing much. Only thing different is the Dracorex and Irritator Gen 2 kamikaze.

And if it means less Erlidominus and Indoraptor openers, I would be glad to see that. It was a bit irritating to see so many similar opening tactics.

I think they will be just fine. At least Erlidominus, Ornithomimus and Indominus, as well as the newly buffed Gallimimus and Proceratomimus.

The only one that I can see being hurt too much is Monomimus and maybe Indoraptor. But they can always be buffed if they fall behind too much.

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it hits through. doesnt nullify

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