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1.7 (New Battle Search System)

Hi all very good, since sincerely 1.6 does not please many in several aspects, I would like to give a very important RECOMMENDATION for 1.7, in the aspect of battles:
I offer a search system in which the search time appears above the screen, so we could explore our area, level up our hybrids, etc … We could do more things while looking for our battle, and when you find it, that shows a button to ACCEPT OR REJECT … that way we would avoid afk’s or people with connection problems … who likes a battle in which we have to wait 30s for an action of the enemyimage !
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The suggestion is wonderful, but I don’t think it would work… We already have so many bugs involving hunts and battle search. Can you imagine if you put both of those things together?!

I like winning battles against afk people

Lol. I’d like if they added a clock to the screen. It’s easy to lose track of time!

Jeje but it’s bored or not? xd

X2 my friend