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1.7 possible meta

With the reworks actual meta will change a bit. There are my opinions.

Tryko will remain a must-have tyrant with an aggressive inclination, probably the most powerful dino of the game.
Dio has reborn and will take his place between the tyrants as a defensive tank. Nice kit and stats, a must-have.
Stygidaryx will still be too situational and hard to achieve.
Gripolyth will be an interesting choice. Decent health pool, counter, lock down with stun, armor and regeneration will make him a huge tank. He may win against almost every dino out of the chomper category.
Geminititan seems to be pretty senseless. Made by the good Koolambougiania and the promising Diplodocus, he is coming out without a true purpose. He can do anything and do everything bad. His kit is very large and dispersive. He may come with nice stats, but probably people will not play him with all the others uniques around. A hybrid made by two Dino with swap in and he don’t have one, very strange. He is hard to make too, as Diplodocus is atm locked and the rare bird comes only from arena. Hope a day he will find his identity with the swap in slow, the shield+shield breaker from Diplodocus and a longer version of distraction.

Thora will remain the king of the hill. Insane damage and priority, uncontestable in his role.
Tenontorex is very versatile and can face a lot of matchup. Now many have grown his, so it will be easier to find in arena.
Magna remains at the top of the fighters. While his streght is known, hp and Irritator rate will remain his problem. If he stay too much low in lvl he will suffer too much and be self-dangerous.
Indo. Yes, because his kit make him a fighter more than an assassin. Rex DNA is better used on Tryko or the demonic chicken, because his rng nature is going to be punished hardly in 1.7 by the new precise an definite moves. Strong, but I think not as an endgame Dino.
Pterovexus has now more rng survival ability, and that make him e be useful only when swap in and have luck. Pretty senseless, he do many things and badly. As supposed to be an immune bleeder, probably he may be happy to gain some more dodge ability for stay alive while the enemy bleed. Hard to see in the arena.

Erlidominus don’t lose his fame of demonic chicken, but now some new revamped contenders reborn in the wild. Tyrant as usual, works how it has supposed to do.
Dildo is a very versatile assassin. He may lose some matchup, but never go out without dealing his damage. Tyrant? Yes, or very close.
Rinex has been nerfed and now is more in line with his role. Previously he were used as a half-tank because of his life and distraction. Now has gained more dps at the end of the combo and this will be as it must work: kill with his entire combo and run or die trying. Pure assassin.
Tuora is a strange dino. His kit mix many things and is hard to define a true assassin. Certainly is a combo dealer and certainly he needed some dps. He lost base stat, but gained a 2x. The problem is that was on the mid part of the combo. He is supposed to work as Rinex, with that similar kit. He is probably usable and situational like him, better not underestimate the beast.
Erlikospyx will show himself as a powered Spinitasuchus, and like him he show the same strength points and weaknesses (+1). A fast and damageful bleeder, he may kill both fighters and ranks. Basically. Chomp it faster or slow him and you will trade your coffin with his one. The true problem will be the Magna’s one: arena ingredient.

Notable mentions:
Rat is going to see some addiction as direct counter in the next patch, but they will be too weak against others into the meta, so people will not run them. Untouched situation for him, hope for a nerf and an hybrid with Maiasaura in 1.8.
Tryo has been untouched, but the wilds around him has changed. With Tryko and Dio becoming part of each team (and maybe Gripo) , he have atleast two sure matches. Still situational, but in a potential comfort zone.
Stegodeus was a strong addiction for many teams. Huge life, decent dps and slow. But now rend has joined the party, so the high pool saurs lose their utility.
Monostegotops will lose his priority in favor of counter dinos. It’s still good as aggressive tank, but there is better around.
Paramoloch now take an interesting kit. Not an endgame dino, but may take a new armored hybrid, a day.
Alanky is too situational, he really need an hybrid with swap out and a better damage stat.


Just curious but why do people think dioraj will be a must have now. It would take a massive buff to make him anywhere near tryko.

Would love if you added and made a copy of your text in this subject! :black_heart: