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1.7 prep for my team - please help7


I know the best answer is to wait, but I am getting tired of losing fights I could have won.

I have enough DNA to evolve

Which of these are safe to evolve now, and still good enough for my team in 1.7?

I don’t have enough TRex to do all of the above. Indom must wait. Is Erlidom or Tryko safest investment now?

I also have lots of DNA for Dio and Tuara. I guess at least Dio at team level should get in? Monosteg out? (My MVP now)

I have DNA to get Spinonyx to level 20 (and further) and start fusing Erlikospyx, but not enough Erli to create it.


Just wait until 1.7 to evolve.


My team is weaker than yours. I am currently running L23 Tuora and my L21 Dioraja is benched.
Both Dioraja and Tuora will be buffed in 1.7, it is worth to invest on them. I am also planning to level my Dioraja up and put it into my team as I don’t have Tryko yet.


With dioraja coming into play this next update. Tryostronix is definitely coming back to my team. Also great against tryko aswell which are everywhere atm.


I love my L24 Tryostronix, but it has relatively low HP, it is still in my team. Sometimes I consider benching it as it seldom survives 2 attacks. I think it should be buffed a little bit like increasing its speed to 126 or increasing its HP by 10%.


I could level good old Tryostro to 26 or even 27. It has been benched since I created much more versatile Magna. Interesting that it mat be more relevant in 1.7.


We aren’t sure and anyone that is, is likely mistaken. Even after the update it takes sometimes a couple weeks to sort out what is best. My advice is be patient.

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I do, aswell, think the TRYO will make a comeback. With extra speed and health ++^^


All of them are safe, specially the uniques. Monostego may lose it’s place


This would be sad.
Sooo hard to level up!

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The nerf to Monostego is not so heavy that it is still strong enough to use. I won’t take away it from my team.

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