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1.7 release date?


As far as I’m aware there’s been no official date of the release. Anyone have an idea roughly as to when we can expect it?

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everyone says tomorrow…


Nobody knows, everybody hopes


Is it necessary to be that rude with a newcomer…


I think it should be next week


Makes sense


Hey guys, please have a little patience, the update will be coming very soon :wink:


Sorry about that. Everyone is quite excited. To be honest, I think the extended time period is good

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Tomorrow makes sense with the lack of event creatures, early next week is also a strong possibility. Take a breath and be patient

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Ok, update coming soon, but what happened with Darwin as featured dino? Should we expect extension of it’s spawns outside of parks, once it starts appearing?


“Coming to theaters near you…soon… Ice Age 7: Jurassic World Alive Fluff Monsters”.


The update will not come until they release a scheduled maintenance warning. Until u see that it won’t be coming out.

They will release the scheduled maintenance warning the day before the update. Keep an eye out for that. Until then can we stop asking this same question 47 times? That’d be great


So when is 1.7 coming?


As soon as it’s ready for our players :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh dam thought it would be out today will have to clue my eyes to phone tomorrow and go for 50 breaks at work again


Don’t worry. Just 50 more corners than we will get it.

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Btw I think it’s great that it is taking time. Firstly it shows that the Devs are really trying to get this update the best it can be and it also allows us to collect tons of DNA in advance. I am slightly imptient and very excited and want it to come asap, but I do like what you’re doing

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Haha was joking i know that if the update is to come we will have a pre warning of break in game for next day


I KNOW when the update is released…
When no one have asked about the release date for 24 hours…LOL…thats when they press the botton
To the author of this topic…best question ever

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I thought that asking for it over and over gets you it quicker my bad