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1.7 The good, the bad, and the ugly

Gonna try to be constructive here, since nobody likes being yelled at or insulted. Also, this is going to be a wordy post.

The Good:

  • New critters. Everyone loves new toys. And despite the poo-pooers who were salty about mammals being included in a dino game, I think even they will warm up to them eventually.
  • Better dino variety to dart. It’s been refreshing to see different dinos around me every day other than the usual Einiosaurus. There’s incentive to go out and more than ever dart everything. If it’s something that’s been proven time and again it’s that even the crappiest dino might have a use later.
  • New moves. Same as new critters: everyone loves novelty and stuff to play with.
  • Chat toast fixed for incoming and departing alliance members. A small fix, but not unnoticed or unappreciated.
  • Improved dino sorting. I don’t use this feature, but I know others do and like it. Good enough for me.

Jury Still Out:

  • The darting is just so horrible. I know Ludia said it’s “better”, but I look at it from this perspective. Many of us have been playing for a year. We’ve gotten used to, and even GOOD at darting things. Changing it for something that tested well with the rookie interns who have never played this game before and having them rank the two isn’t a good comparison. If you’re reading this from a computer, look down. You’re probably good at using that QWERTY keyboard and would not be terribly happy if someone yanked it off your desk and gave you a DVORAK one because it’s “better”. You’re used to it, and even though with enough time and patience you can unlearn one and learn the other, the difference between 90 wpm and 92 wpm when you eventually learn the “better” keyboard isn’t going to make a huge difference, and just causes frustration in the months meantime. Or how about just give us a toggle?
  • Stat boosts. Metahub did a good breakdown of how this is a little pay-to-win but not hugely unless you’re throwing down massive amounts of money. Ludia’s a business they gotta keep the lights on, I get it. I kinda like when my Magna steamrolls the opponents, kinda don’t when the same happens to me and I don’t have an answer. We’ll see what happens when the dust settles.
  • Tourneys. I’m really excited about playing these, and have everyone kind of do the best they can with a different set of rules. I was disappointed today when I heard that you don’t get a second Team Composition to play, so you have to swap out dinos and swap in the eligible ones which is time-consuming and annoying. Might be nice if you gave us 3, as a matter of fact. A tourney one, a regular one, and one for friendlies to try out new dinos and compositions.

The Bad:

  • That glare behind “coins collected” and “darts collected” whenever you spin a supply box. If you’re like me you don’t spend any time inspecting how much you got from a supply box, maybe a fraction of a second for it to process. Which means you tap, tap, tap. So you get glare, glare, glare. Bright strobe light flashing right in your face. I feel bad for epileptics.
  • Battles. I’m inspired to write this post in the first place instead of battling because I just lost 150 trophies in a row because my match times out, I restart only to find out the battle’s been going on without me and I’m already down 2 dinos without any hope of catching up. But I have to try again, because if you don’t do the daily, you don’t get the stat boosts, so when you DO finally get a match where it doesn’t bug out, if you haven’t been keeping up you lose because as it is, stat boosts do more for dinos than leveling does. You think giving all Badlands players a Unique was bad? Wait til you get steamrolled by a Thor that’s faster than Erlidom.

The Ugly
I’m kind of annoyed that in every patch 95% of stuff that is announced is new and shiny things, or fixes that didn’t need fixing (see darts above) and 5% is dedicated to bug fixes. “Oh we finally fixed the speed indicator, half a year later”. While I know new product sells, you gotta keep the base happy too, we’re the ones who eventually buy the new content. Providing an aggravating experience isn’t conducive to this. That’s like selling a new hot flavor of Doritos on Aisle 5 but someone threw a jug of milk on the floor hours ago so not only is it a slipping hazard, but being neglected has made it start to stink, too.
There are so many QoL improvements you could give us instead of simply rolling out new things and making each patch buggier than the last. Alliances could be given so much love. Chat is buggy still (scrolls everywhere like crazy). Leaders can’t see who donates or has requested donations, can’t see when someone logged in last (would be helpful in friendslist too), can’t see how much someone has contributed to the weekly tasks. Many of us have to turn to unorthodox methods of keeping track of our members, anywhere from obligating Discord to keeping trophy fluctuation spreadsheets and everything in between. We need a high level of coordination to finish the weekly incubators at rank 5 (especially if you get the egregious 450k Rare task, which is WAY overtuned), but you guys don’t give us the tools for this coordination in-game except for a buggy chat. That’s a problem.

I’m sure that some of these will get addressed in the coming weeks. Most, if the track record is any indication, will be ignored in the hopes the player base simply gets used to it or finds a work-around. Seriously though, I don’t know if I’d be the only one who would be COMPLETELY fine if several weeks from now the announcement was:

Patch 1.8 - No new animals, skills, or huge features this patch, everyone! Slight balancing only on some dinos and we dedicated this ENTIRE patch on squashing the bugs that have been making our game unplayable. 95% of the most common problems are fixed, and we added a whole slew of Quality of Life improvements that are also bug-free. We kept the art department busy designing new backdrops for arenas and fine tuning next-generation models for patch 1.9, thanks for your patience!


I agree with everything, except this. I want more non-hybrid dinosaurs in 1.8. Like Saurophaganax, Protoceratops, Tyrannotitan and more.


Sure, anyone would. The point I was trying to make though is that up until now all their time is devoted to new things, which inevitably break the game further. I was saying if you can’t do both (new content and fixes) and you HAVE to do one or the other, than don’t just make it new content, new content, new content and ignore the fixes. Throw those in there too on occasion. Have it be the centerpiece. The priority.


Excellent stuff. Very close to what I was writing in my head (esp. tone), but haven’t, since I’m still 50/50 on quitting the game completely. I can live with the bugs, and even the darting, but I can’t live with the awful scoring system for battles (was bad before; now it’s plainly terrible - doubly-so because of the runaway train that is stat boosts), to say nothing of point losses from timing-out. And maybe worst of all still is that wretched parasite to competitive gameplay, Dracoceratops. Even after so many months, I’m wondering if I want to participate in a game where something like Dracoceratops/DG2 exists. It’s that bad.


Ah ok, thanks for explaining. My bad :sweat_smile:

@Noob, well written and agreed!

@MyFishDrowned, sure new dinos would be cool but designing that, coming up with balanced stats, etc. requires time and resources. I would much rather see 100% of their resources going into fixing bugs before that. I know most apps/games have bugs, but this game is really appalling at it. Spend a couple of months fixing them if you need the time, but I’m happy having the same meta for a couple of months longer if it means a couple of months of smooth gameplay.


I’m with this. I want an update that adds no new mechanics to the game but gives us fifteen to twenty new animals but NO new hybrids!

Otherwise I pretty much agree with your assessment @Noob

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What a great post, spot on! Thank You!

I second this. There is time for innovation and new concepts. There is time for fixes and stability.

IMO, the latter is needed now.

I fully agree , everyone is fed up of the battling bugs , the darting issues and all the good is easily forgotten while this is prevalent .
These things need fixing , and sooner rather than later .


Really bug fixes and the like should be an on going concern anyway, separate to the updates. Updates are for new dinosaurs and mechanics. They they do fixes slowly every week with a small fix here and there.

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I like the new creatures and the rotating daily spawns. Although I see 9 iguanodon on my screen right now, not including the one I darted, and it makes me glad I’m doing an overnight shift. I love having varied spawns, but I do feel the daily ones now swamp everything else.

Since when i came up with the last upgrade I did not work the fighting. I do not merge and my opponent defeats me and I miss it. and so 70% of the battle. losing where I can win.

Really great post OP.
That’s exactly what I was thinking.

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Well said OP. It’s my opinion that most of the JWA community shares your sentiments.

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Preach my man!

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YES, THIS. Adding new shiny features without fixing the bugs in existing ones just makes a bigger mess, and sets a bad precedent for bad habits. Fixing the bugs is actually a form of finishing a task; if the Arena is broken now, then it’s incomplete until it’s fixed. Some new creatures don’t offset the fact that the Arena is seriously broken now.

Speaking of new creatures, every time I interact with the new Marsupial Lion, my phone gets crashy. The rendering gets choppy, when I try to dart it in the wild it’s almost impossible (I get scores like 2, because there is such a big delay between my input and the affect of that input showing), but the worst is when I encounter one in the arena or a battle barrel. Lost one battle because I had to force quit my frozen game and restart.

Adding some new feature without fixing the bugs with the current ones is probably just going to create more bugs, and make the game even more unplayable. Finish creating the features you’ve already introduced, make them work consistently, and then think about adding new stuff.

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The new patch looks great on paper, but horrible in practice… Battling is no longer an option for me… I only fight for the daily battle incubator now and just for the boosts, cause I don’t want fall behind if they ever manage to make a stable game… And it takes forever just to accomplish that… I have lost around 300 trophies since the update, however that’s not a great concern… Used to happen before 1.7, but would usually be able to make up lost ground by battling a little more… Now, with all the time-outs and -50/+10 trophy garbage, it seems impossible… Will be chilling out for a while, lest the bugs get addressed, else I will venture into greener pastures…

Great post, couldn’t agree more!

It doesn’t bother me one iota what new creatures you put in, I play the game because I like the concept, i’m not overly concerned about it being connected to the movie franchise, and what should or shouldn’t be in this game. The movie where the T Rex swallows the phone is cringe worthy bad as far as I am concerned :joy:

Fix the bugs that are taking the game down to almost unplayable levels.

Give us alliance tools so that we can actually run them properly.

If the above things don’t happen by the summer I doubt I’ll still be playing, and I have been loyal to you through thick and thin, since pretty much day one.

I want bugs fixed before 1.8, not replacing 1.8.