1/8/2019 Hatchery Speed Discount

The Hatchery speed discount is up today, for those that have a bunch of creatures waiting to be hatched today you can speed them up at a 15% discount. It’s a good day to clear out a lot of low level hatching and even some high level hatching if you have the Dino Bucks saved to do so…
@HanSoloWannaBe, @Potato, @DinoStan

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Truth. I’ve really enjoyed these “Hot Winter Times” bonuses. It was kind of Ludia to post them! Thanks, @Sionsith!

Thanks for the heads up!

Plus I hit level 75 today, hatched my first indominus, and am now remodeling for coin generation efficiency.

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Only sped up a half-hatched W.Mammoth to beef up my Snow team.
Gonna be a long slow grind from here on out trying to get to a Yudon.

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That is the hybrid I am working on right now, hopefully will be done fuseing everything in the next day or two depending on how many times I need to click through the incubator.

@Potato congratulations on hitting 75!!!

@Potato do you have your entire park opened up?

I think I have a pretty good layout for maximum coin generation utilizing all of the revenue towers and the badge beacon.

Everything inside the red outline is picked up by a revenue tower, everything else is picked up by the badge beacon. Once I complete the last level of the badge beacon everything to the right of the hatchery will be within reach of the badge beacon. I have strategically placed anything outside of a revenue tower area to have a 3hr or greater coin generation timer since that is the refresh of the beacon. I have also placed the maximum amount of paddocks in the park, I wish I could place more based on the far greater coin generation of paddocks vs buildings.


Yep, entire park unlocked. I’ve been building similar set ups, so that 3+ hour items are targeted by beacon, and sub 3 by revenue towers. Nice use of those like alcove things on the right of the park.

How many paddocks are we able to have? I have not really focused on hybrids yet, and only have 5 unlocked. Dino wise I have everything from legendary down, and am halfway through to having badge beacon to 32.

I also set aside one area for building stockpiling for trading purposes.

You are way ahead of me.

I only got one each of Yutrannis and Trodon at 20.

My red team should be good for now with 3 Indoraptors and a bunch of VIP dinos.

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Impressive. Thanks for sharing, @Sionsith. That’s helpful and precise info.

Ludia, an update that expanded the available considerably would be appreciated. We really ought to be able to place every dinosaur in the game in the space available, please.

It seems the limit is 99 paddocks, I just counted how many I had out. Must not have been able to pay for the extra code that allowed the third digit in the programming keeping it right below 100 lol.

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That is interesting, thanks for the info @Sionsith ! I’m still wondering why we get more park expansions than there is technically space available for while leveling up.

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Coolest park I’ve ever seen!!!


Thanks @Trexy

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Quick question, how much revenue do you get per use of your badge and towers?

It depends on how long I have let them sit for, my revenue towers range on the ten minute cool down from like 50k on the low end (which is just surrounded by buildings) up to like 400k for my towers that are only surrounded by Dinosaurs. I could definitely be a bit off on those as I have stopped paying attention to how much they bring in since I don’t worry about coins anymore.

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