1.8 Arena Improved over 1.7 Yes or No?

What good is that if you want to make sure players in alliance are actually still playing?

Ask for more alliance tools in the game and what happens. They take away the only way to see if players are still playing…Brutal…

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For myself the Arena has improved a heck of a lot. I’m not getting timed out anywhere near as much (three times since launch yesterday) and the battles are against fair team match ups. Now, bare in mind that I am currently bouncing up and down between Lockdown and Sorna Marshes these days, experiences higher up the Arenas may be different.

I don’t get why leaderboard button is gone and trophies set to 0 and reaming at 0. It was never taken away after any other update. Trophies may have been set to zero but went right back after 1 battle.

You knew the trophy counts before update why couldn’t they just be put back?

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You should be able to see your trophy count from your battle arena screen. You just can’t see anyone elses which is stupid because this is a competitive game.

I guess ludia thought this would silence some whining.

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Too early to say but in general I think it is better.

im under 3900 and i on average face 24+ with my 20-23s, i can almost daily fight a team with a 30 or two on it. if my team was around lvl 25 average and i was fighting 22-26 it would be a welcome change of pace.


100% agree.

Yes. Yes, the arena is much better now XD


Having a 24-25 team and being matched against level 28-30 heavily boosted teams the entire time I am going to say NO.
People in my Alliance have the same thing and are also complaining, so I also speak for them. +49x NO

Now I understand for the people that have those level 28-30 teams that 1.8 works pretty much in your favor ^^

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The game (and the playerbase) was in much better shape back in 1.6.

They made it easy to walk away though, so thats cool at least. :wink:

Haven’t totaly quit yet, but have been averaging less then an hour a day with no PvP since patch day.

On the plus side, I no longer care about game fixes and needed features, which is a good thing.

Much less stress and dissapointment when you stop caring. It seems this is also the same road the developers are on. :sunglasses:


It’s been horrendous for me, I won three out of about 25 matches yesterday and now back down in marshes where I can win a few. I’m mostly 20-21 tier 3 boosts(not trying to waste many on non endgame creatures) and being matched against boosted level 26 and higher in ruins. The nerf to cloak sucks, I don’t have much to counter a speed boosted chomper, instant distraction just delays the inevitable for a round. Speaking of distractions, the calculations seem screwed up, a 90% distraction to a dino with a base attack stat of ~1400 on a critical dealt 1600 damage so there’s that…

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This is correct for me and all my friends as well.

No, nothing IMBA here…


Yeah, same. My average team level is 28.6, and most of my opponents have been at least 2.5 below that - often more. To make matters worse, I’m winning 27-30 points. It makes me mad every time, since most of those opponents generally have no chance. For the one or two opponents with that profile who did win, the points loss has the same - around 30. Make no mistake, I like winning, but not at the expense of fairness. It’s just not sporting. Unless, of course, the opponent is using Draco; in that case, I’m perfectly happy to three-and-out the opponent, because Draco is a cancer.

I will note that as soon as I crossed 5,270 trophies, the matchmaking flipped, and my opponents were all-29+, and a few 30-across. Accompanied by, of course, successive crits from their Utarinex/stuns not falling for me/Evasive non-existent/my dinos were always the worst matchup possible against theirs, etc.

Matchmaking has since flipped back and I’m hoping to crack Gyrosphere before the reset, but we all know where that thinking gets us. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve lost around 10-12 battles in a row. Dropped down to 4200 from 46xx. Facing much more powerful teams and bad luck with RNG.

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Agree with everything you said (especially about DC). When I face a team of low 20’s I feel like its the equivalent to beating up a toddler in a cage match. Easy win but you feel guilty after.

I have around the same amount of trophies so we’ll see how the matches go tonight.

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I’ve been winning 3 out of 5 and have climbed up to Gyro, just. The battles have been pretty even I’d say 1 in 10 is much lower level.

Thor actually got nerfed by the crit change. Even with that 20 damage buff the damage output won’t be nowhere near what it was before, so Thor, along with other chompers are easier to counter now. That said, I really hate the dodge nerf. I don’t want a direct Thor nerf, but like you said, the last thing we need is to lose more thor counters. Dodgers are basically useless now. Way to make the arena less diverse than it was sigh

Aside from being able to easily dispatch any dodger, the arena doesn’t feel much different than before for me.

For me, it seems like I’m finally facing those teams that were hundreds of trophies above me with average team levels 3-4 levels below me. So it looks like those players that shouldn’t have been in the top 500 are finally getting matched against better teams and falling back to where they should be.

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