1.8 Arena issues

I’ve been losing battles in this update because for some reason my moves, health bar, and dinosaurs aren’t showing up on the arena. The timer does not work at all it keeps freezing and causing my dinosaurs to die without even getting hitimage

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I fought someone that this happened to yesterday. They had me on my last dino then all of a sudden their dinos wouldn’t attack at all. For like 4 turns they just sat there and did nothing but take damage.

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I’ve had this exact thing happen once since the update. What usually happens for me is either my dinosaur choices all go gray and I can’t do anything or when I hit an attack button it disappears and my game goes on autoplay forcing me to restart and come back to a bad situation. This has been happening for months now.

My suggestion is to restart your app as soon as this happens. It should reset everything when you get back into the match, you’re still likely to lose when that happens but at least you get a chance