1.8 hybrid hype

Which hybrid are you most hyped for

  • Smilocephalosaurus
  • Diplovenator
  • Dsungaia
  • Pteraquetzal
  • Quetzorion
  • Carnotarkus
  • Ardentismaxima

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I think I‘m going to wait. When 1.7 has been announced I was super excited for Geminititan, Erlikospyx and especially Spinonyx. When they came out the hype disappeared and now I‘m like ‚nah, whatever‘.

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I just had to go and waste thousands of brachio DNA on the tourney with nonhybrids of our own levels. Now i can’t even think about making Ardentismaxima.

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None really.
They are all collect and bench

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Hartford ty ou

I vote none of those as well.

well since they need boost to be relevant…
You know the rest…
I mean,i have a team of 8 dino which i need to make better,I can only earn 4 of each boost everyday + 25 of a random one a week…
I have NO time to waste some on new dino


Want to see actual stats first