1.8 Migration Change

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Local 3 was nothing special before and is totally crap now. Ludia, what are you thinking? Are you thinking at all?


That was L4 previously and now it’s really good. I guess this is their idea of “rotating” spawns? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think zone 4 got worse not better. Because of the new hybrids. We lost close access to some.of these dinos. I have noticed since 1.8 that Bronto is spawning on the regular. Gamepress did not report this change. Also I am seeing Diplo g2 spawning but it’s not a zone 4 dino I don’t think. Is there new spawning next to sanctuaries?

I think Diplo G2 is L4. Plus we have Ourano, Grypo, and now Kentro

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Yes, I do stand corrected! Thanks. Dg2 and Argento are in z4 yeah!!

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Found the scaphognathus flying around at night, which from the description says it isn’t nocturnal.

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You were saying?

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When Argentinosaurus is your best local dinosaur, it’s probably best to spend your time and money somewhere else.

Argentin is a component for Ardonto amd Ardonto is a component for the new Unique, Maxima. So it’s not a problem.

Dime is also found in same Area as Argentin.

This is its description for it.

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It’s written most active during the day not only active during the day. And read the last line too.