1.8: More bugs?

125 bug fixes maybe a typing mistake? should it be 1.25?

i see ALL 1.7 bugs and some new ones. :scream:

ZERO trophies has no remedy now. uninstalled, did arena battle, friendly, NOTHING i do show my friends/alliance trophies.

all social tab bugs still there, posting after battle, friend name not loaded, freezes etc.


Yup, and this annoying one when I tried to donate Echo DNA.

Well iPhone 6 is a lot better


Some have been fixed. After 1.7 I couldn’t battle in Arena or friendly and now I can.

Cenozoic lag has been fixed too.

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i forgot to mention i use android. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

My iPhone 6 only crashed 1 time today. I’d normally lose count of crashes by lunchtime. This update is going well for me so far…


it’s the initial day of the release, bugs are expected and they will probably be fixed for the minor things. Give it a day or so.

iphone 6 is MUCH better. it lags and is slower. i’m not sure if it is just iPhone 6 users, the update being fresh, or everyone but when i spin a supply drop and collect the rewards it kind of pauses on the supply drop before going back to the map. it does suck and slows down the progress of collecting all my coins BUT it is a lot faster than constantly relaunching the iPhone.

Believe me i had A LOT of issues check it out: Phil's iPhone 6 Very Detailed Crash Reports

i didnt know this much bugs for iphone6. :scream:

android seems worse here (same 1.7 bugs and some new). :confused:

I get the same lag after spinning drops. I’ve noticed tho, situations that used to cause outright crashes such as those you’ve listed in a previous post, now just lag or stutter but the app stays alive and does recover quickly. That’s so much more bearable than restarting every other minute or so.


100% agree with you. like when it lags on viewing a dino i think its about to crash.

yeah,i noticed it too

@dankysaurus i actually watched an ad to speed up an incubator and it didn’t crash on the first try of watching it… WINNING! lol ok so i’m glad this update fixed majority of the iPhone 6 issues. i still don’t understand why they labeled it as “known” issues instead of just saying they fixed them.

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125 fixes.

mmm, 1 bug fix and 124 code comments fixed.

Alliance scrolling chat bug is STILL there and not fixed in 1.8. Why?

But to be fair they probably didnt have time to fix it, I mean its not like its been present for 7 months…OH WAIT!

@Pateradactyl My very first 1.8 complain post haha! Though its a previous issue so not sure if it counts?

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After uodate I cant do friendly bettle. Annoying!!!

for me friendly is still a pain. some nice ludia work like: