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1.8 re: save the game update

I believe I am not the only one that doesn’t like the state of the game. I accept that boosts are here and I’m probably not going to enjoy the arena much anymore.

That being said, I think the game could be saved if more game play options are created in the next update.

For example:

AI battles as an option to just pick. Get you incubators and daily battles done without battling boosted Thors.

Progressively difficult step challenges for some DNA rewards. 10/20 step challenge. Make some rules like you can only use a specific dino once. Or like the tournaments, have battle restrictions. Offer this once a week. Different challenge levels and/or different rewards. Players can decide which one they want to attempt. Everyone has a week and we can play it at home.

Just some quick thoughts of mine.

Let’s share some ideas and maybe they will listen.

I think most of us really enjoy this game and we want the fun to continue.


More PvE events would be absolutely wonderful.

It seems PvP needs most of their attention right now though.

The Thor problem has gotten so bad that it is even taking over the forums now. Every other post is overrun with…



More PvE events of different levels would be welcome.

More tournaments with special rules (rarity based, jurassic only, sauropod only… etc) like the Open Skill event would be great!


I would love this idea, but speed ties and rng decides the winners.

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The problem as a free to play player is I have like 10 worthy creatures to hold my current arena position so I’m a bit stuck playing the same team all the time. I’m just not getting enough of the right ingredients to either level up legendary’s or create any more unique creatures at this point.

I would love to play the new creatures but have to do that on my 2nd account where I kept myself in a lower arena.

I can’t just swap out for a lower team to play other creature because matchmaking is still based on trophy count. I would love to just swap out to a lower team and be matched up to a lower team.

It will take months to get any new guys up to playable level on my primary account. I’m having a blast with the new guys on my 2nd account where I had all the new stuff to level 10 to 12 in one to 3 weeks.