1.8 team?

what are your guy’s teams for the 1.8 meta when it drops. Heres mine:

Tryko: same reason as always. Obnoxious tank/brusier/counter attacker

Grypolyth: render with the ability to heal and prevent swaps.

Thor: nuff said

Diloracherius: distracted with speed control, stuns, and a hit and run

Erlidominus/Smilocephalosaurus: hit and runner with exceptional damage. Erlidominus if it can handle the dodge nerf, smilo if it has great stats, as well as having swap in stun and easier to make

Dsungaia: obnoxious counter attacker with a ton of slowing moves

Elikospyx: versatile bleeder type dino, to help wih thor and tanks

The 8th dino is missing, as there are plenty of decent options. Alankylosaurus/Stygidaryx to absorb dracoceratops, Diploventator if it has good enough speed to outrun thor, Ardentimaximus if its good enough, Quetzorion for beating the usual 129 speed dinos, Dioraja for a near clone of Tryko. Theres a lot i wanna try



You can never know when it will hit.


Maby the best dino in 1.8

Predicting it

Will never happend. Sorry to say. Save those coins.

You never know. Tanks as a whole might start showing up again due to the chompers getting nerfed due to the crit change (despite their damage buffs, they do less overall crit damage with the new system) and to try and stop draco since its sia got botched up pretty bad

I get what youre saying though, it was just a thought i had since draco can now be countered by shields and armor

the team I want or the team I’ll run? Because thanks to boosts and arena/park locked dinos those lists aren’t close to being the same. I’d cut Thor if I could.

I can’t imagine that much change at higher comp right away.



The numbers was just to reach the character requirement to post

Oh well if it’s want it’ll be

Stegod or another tank tbd
Probably DC
At least two new dinos it gets murky after this

Magna took a hefty hit this patch. Ill test to see if its still able to be used. If so, ill use it in my 8th spot

It was heftily better than all other dinos though. It will be interesting to see where it settles for balancing

We’ll find out on Tuesday

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Im pretty sure it was nerfed so bad in hp because of how it performs when drugged with boosts

If boosts are ever taken into account on a nerf there’s a serious problem.

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As thor and tryko get souped up in regular damage (their crit damage was noticably nerfed due to the new crit thing)

Anyhow, im just hoping Erlidominus and Magna live through their harsh nerfs, and also hoping Smilocephalosaurus is good, as well as Dsungaia, as mira was already pretty busted for a common