1.8 zero trophies [solved by season start]

if someone still read this bugs report area. or i repost in general discussion.

@Jorge @Ludia_Developers

i reinstalled android jwa app an nothing, since 1.8 update.

My whole alliance is like this.


Maybe to hide the number of players that are inactive?

I imagine these will fix themselves when the new season starts next month.

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It’ll start today!

They won’t fix it in like 2 months, there’s no money involved to get in done in an hour

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well… lets go new approach then.

relax, and dont care for alliance or friends trophies and care only for arena/tournaments trophies.

Hey AndreMR, the trophy count will get updated accordingly when Seasons are live, which should be now. :smiley:

Is it still showing up as 0?

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right. now after season started trophies are fixing one by one, as people battle.

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I saw that too :grin:jw2

Too bad now we can only see players’ Top Trophy Count now. Harder to track members.

What does this zero represent in front of your trophies icon? Although it’s showing trophy count below zero :thinking: I’m facing the same issue.

My screenshot is from tournament… When tourney start we can see throphies if see 0 that means player dont play anymore wait couple days and kick from ally😁

why our own bar in these letterboard shows now duplicated score? small and big.