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1.9 biggest winner and biggest losers

Heres what i think.


Indoraptor: with the addition of immunity to distraction and stuns, indoraptor is finally relevant again. It now slaughters tryko and monostego, while also having a chance at mauling thor and tenento as well. Expect this thing to be back in teams, although im wondering if the gen 2 version is better or not.

Magnapyritor: got it’s hp back. Nuff said

Procera: massive 750 hp buff on an already oppressive monster means that this hing will be flooding arena even more now, which means itll likely be tyrant now. Get those counters ready

Monomimus: gained distracting strike and rampage, as well as a buff to its stats. Not quite the same level as procera, but it’s at least usable now.

Ardentismaxima and Geminititan: Ardentis gained a bunch of attack and hp, as well as gaining armor and the 30% crit chance. Gemini gained immunity and more speed, but lost a little bit of attack and hp. Both are still going to become tyrant and stay tyrant respectively, but i think itll be down to preference as to which youd like to use.


Monostegotops: took a massive blow by losing attack and hp and its whole movekit in exchange for nothing. No longer tyrant and is middle of the pack now

Rat (in my opinion): with the addition of Smilonemys, once people begin to unlock it, rat usage may start to drop. Access to swap-in stun, 50% armor, enough damage to one shot it turn 1, as well as a variety of other stuff, this thing looks tailored to stop it. This thing also does things outside of countering it, unlike Smiloceph. Definitely gonna be a force in the meta and likely a tyrant straight away, and rat will suffer once people start unlocking it


I would like to take a closer look to indoraptor gen 2:he will be a monster for sure

Procera buff is just abusive


Diloracheirus, utarinex, thor, quetzorion watch the sunset altogether. Diloracheirus has won the clown title this patch.

Biggest loser for me: my beloved Monostegotops! :rage: I think I jynxed her by making this post:

Biggest winner for my team (when it’s boosted enough to add to it that is). Luckily I’ve been leveling her for a while:


Ive been debating if i should remove my procera from my team, not because itll suck, but so i can make room for other stuff. Half my team is in question thanks to the new hybrids.

Grypolyth, Procera, Erlikospyx, and Monostego im debating of benching for:

Smilonemys: probably going to be an absolute monster. Also is a huge roadblock for the rat, which is why i decided rat was nerfed due to it’s addition; probably gonna be one of the best creatures in the game whilst hard countering the most annoying one

Thylacotator: being easier to make, while also having lethal wound and rending takedown to obliterate anything in 2 turns if they lack any sort of immunity. Due to all this, my Erlikospyx’s value is in question

Indoraptor gen 2: this thing looks even better than regular indoraptor in my opinion. Immunity to stuns and distraction, as well as having a broken basic move on top of definite rampage, meaning it can beat the newly buffed (and likely tyrant) procerahomimus

Geminititian: was gonna toss monostego anyway, but this thing looks even more beastly since it can no longer bleed to death


I don’t see Dilo that worse… Just won’t beat Indos so easily anymore.

I’m debating continuing to boost Monostegotops. It’s still quite good but that attack nerf HURTS

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I’ll use both Ardentis and Gemini since I can replace Nodopatotitan. Sauropods usually are weak to bleeding, but now that Gemini gains immunity, it will fit on my team better.

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Gen2 beat that for sure now. And dilo has already been off the pace in 1.8. It needs a chance to set up, but even that, it’s quite often resulted in a single rampage by instant distraction. Doesn’t do much in the mid stage, and quite a gamble to send out during decider. Last but not least, they won’t boot off the @#$! DicC

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I wouldn’t right off Monosteg just yet. HP nerf is very minor. NI was, let’s be honest, the least useful out of its 4 moves, the only thing going for it was the low cd.

The attack nerf is huge, if course, but the ability to heal/shield could open up some new possibilities. Then there’s the si-ability too.

I’m hoping it’ll turn out to be a rework, not a big nerf.


It makes a good duo with your DC now I guess. Headbutt out half their team before they even get to touch you :expressionless:

Yeah, that’s a part of what I’m thinking. Dinos with SIA/escape/etc benefit from each other.

And dig-in benefits the speed of monostego as it’s boosted along the way. Certainly still viable against a lot of meta deciders.

I still think Dilo is pretty strong, just not as destructive as others, but still a game changer depending on the opponent… Its main problem is DC, but then again, that’s almost every creature’s main problem…


I’m still leveling all my benched uniques (including Dilorach) just in case they become meta relevant again.


Obv this is the biggest winner right here
Because it obviously needed a 700 attack buff :joy:


does it have any counters? for real?

Can I just say - MASSIVE ARDENTIS BUFF! oh yeah…

plus -
anklyocodon buff
tenonto buff
tryo buff
indominus buff

and I really love the specific move immunity additions.


I’m so excited I already decided to start working on that one! I know what I’m darting this weekend for sure!

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I wanted a unique sauropod for ages… then gemini came along and I was disappointed since I didn’t have the diplo. When ardentis came along I had SO much of the ingredient DNA I just went for it regardless of if it was going to be good or not. I think I ran it up to 25 or 26 right away! Luckily, it is, and just got even better.

I do like that gemini got immunity though - but still far from team level.