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1.9? Coming soon?

So a lot of people are saying that 1.9 is coming up… is that true? I haven’t seen any revealse so how do they know?


Usually it’s only a few months a part, so based on previous experience i’d say it is likely to come in September.

in fact i’m curious about 2.0 instead.
maybe a major update in first digit encourages ludia to fix this app.


It won’t be 2.0. Usually, software and apps go from 1.9 to 1.10, unless it’s a huge update.

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I always get my hopes up that something is going to get better but the last two makes me fear what is going to come.


Cannot come too son. These hack programmers have lost this game a metric crap ton of players with the BS they saddled it with in 1.8. Such a load of crap game currently. And it is now freezing after lopsided battles. So lame. Damn luddite programmmers


Then expect 2.0 because boosts 11-20 are coming.

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Honestly, it was 1.7 that ruined the game. 1.8 (to me anyways) had fair reception, as sanctuaries are great ways to obtain dna if you use it every three hours and do it correctly (ive gotten nearly 50 Monoloph dna in one day, which never happens normally due to how stupidly rare it is) but overall, the game still suffers because of boosts.

If the rat, boosts (the speed ones at least, as the hp and attack ones are more tolerable), and the matchmaking algorithm was either removed or reworked, we would have the most balanced arena yet


Not sure if you’re being facetious, but I’ll explain how semantic versioning works just for the sake of useless knowledge. The first number of a software version will only increase if major changes are made that render it incompatible with previous versions of the app. Making small changes, or adding new features will increase the second number and set the third number to zero. Finally, patches and bug fixes increase the third number.

Unless Ludia plans to change the underlying framework of the game and render version 1.0.0 obsolete, then just adding new boosts will not warrant a 2.0.0 release. No matter how unbalanced or broken it may render the gameplay.


Thanks for the good info. I never knew this!

Hopefully they will add raids to the game, like the events jw the game have but you dont physically have to be there just remote instance via alliance


yep… and this is why i need so much a 2.0:

  • time to move to a new engine and fix these hundreds bugs.

Well I think a good way to know if it’s actually coming sooner rather then later is the fact that the great JWA FIELD GUIDE APP has already showcased 2 “brand new dinos” that are NOT in the game currently.


Dodging should be dodging again, it was more fun that way.


they datamined this as soon as 1.8 came out of my memory serves me right

1.8.39 was just released. I updated a few minutes ago. There’s no change log in the Play Store, so I wonder what was updated?

Not only were they data mined but the A.I. was using them the first few days of 1.8 in arena

I think patch 1.9 will come in the mid of September, when the actually arena saison will be over.

I hope 2.0 will come with loads of fixes.

1.9 will probably come last week of August or first week September.