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1.9 Sanctuary Level 20 (w/ Carbonemys) DNA Amount Pictures

Time to say hello again everyone,

We’ve been waiting for this day and with the update we were on it! Sanctuary 20 with days to spare and utilize all 24 dino slots.

Here is what you can expect to see once you reach 20:

Now we have lost some great friends and we are still a 5/5 alliance but we are short of a few friends. I would like to toss this out again here since we can’t update the last thread besides posting and adding on but we can use a few more friends to help out so if you think you want to join a team of strategists read this post here: Join a 5/5 alliance w/ DinoL3o! Recruitment for only the best/active players!

UPDATE: We are full once again as of 9/15/19. Thanks for your interests!