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1.9 Spawn Guide

The 1.9 Spawn Guide is updated! Hint: You can find the new turtle in parks :wink:


Quetzalcoatlus now moved to L2… Someone from this forum who wanted Tenonto out of parks to catch Quetzal won’t be happy now… But I always wanted Wuerho closer to home.

Man, Wuerhosaurus is park locked? I used to go next door to zone 2 to look for that guy…

Thanks for sharing.

My area is full of parks! Now I might be able to get Carnotarkus to team level.

Like L2 doesn’t have enough good dinos as it is?

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Typical ludia locking carbo in park…stupid…


Good grief, Ludia, what did Local 1 ever do to you?


(or, conversely, what did Local 2 do and how can we begin doing that?)


I’m not understanding why L1 is bad…losing Dilopho doesn’t make it horrible. You still have Brachi and Sino. And Echo and Tuo.


Yeah, every time there’s something good moved, it’s to L2. Well, I’m after Tenonto and Wuerho, so this doesn’t affect me. But I’m sorry for those who have to go to L2 now.

L1 is great, if you love Majunga.

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Thx for the Update!!!

Also crys in L1…
Sure toura is nice but the epics and echo are worthless for me.
At least my workplace is L2 so i can get Quetzl now wuhu.

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I don’t mind living in L1. It allowed me to make these (and of course my level 30 Thor and 27 Utarinex).

Does Ludia’s HQ happen to be in L2?

Then I can say L3 is great if you love Diplocaulus :wink:. I understand the frustration though. there is always that one local that really seems to get hurt every update. But I think this is the most balanced we’ve seen in a while (even though we can all agree L2 rules supreme now).

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Awesome. Thank you for this.

I still need a lot of quetz for its hybrids. I only have 1 park near me and it’s kind of small. At least now i have a better chance of getting enough of it.

True, have been driving to my nearest park to get Quetz which i needed to complete the last Unique pre 1.9 but now since I live in L2, I can finally unlock it and then move to the newer hyrbids! Oh wait, park trips for Carbo now…lol

I’m hoping someone in my alliance unlocks it and throws it into a sanctuary. should only take 2-3 days to make my own from there.