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1.9 Spawn Guide

Thanks for this! It’s too bad scents are currently working for park dinos either.

Thank you for this. Also thank you for just updating the old spawn guild so my bookmark is still the same.
I hated having to delete the old one and make a new one from metahub even though it isn’t really that hard to do. lol

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please help me with translation of “parks”.

do you have any screenshot of map showing one? :pray:

i don’t know what is a “park” in my country/city. here we have about 4 things that could be understood as park for my language:

  • where you place cars, as “car parking” or something like.
    we have a lot here.
  • a small green area with no house or shops here about 100m² with grass and trees where people use to walk around, play with kids, pets, etc.
    we have many here in my city.
  • a large eco area, reserved from authority people, where is not allowed to build anything, with native plants, etc. thousands of m².
    some city has this, mine not.
  • a medium area, with a lagoon, a zoo, green space, playground, etc.
    we have 1 of this here in my city. thousands of m².

except for the large eco area i mentioned above, i tried to see “parks” dinos in the others, but no success. so i wonder what exactly is a “park” to pay attention there.

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Typically on the map it is a dark green area, much darker than the surrounding map. The one i have near me is a cemetery.


Rotation would have been nice.


All of that except for the car parking.
Check Google maps, it’ll be green space, but most of Europe gets ignored by Google for park space.


I work in L2 (yay Quetzal!) and live in L3 (ya Dilopho!) so I’m happy :slight_smile:
Thanks for the good work Piere!

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That’s the plan from now on! We’ll just update the current “article” we have on there.


When will the tier list come?

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My workplace is in L3…my home is in L4…I need stuff from L2…lol

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It does not. :frowning:

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Hopefully in the next couple of weeks or so, it’ll take a little while. It’s going to be a tough one this time!

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The areas are only in cities, right? So if I don’t live in one they don’t count for me?

The “areas” are anywhere. Everywhere on the map will fall in an area. You can figure out what area you live in by looking to see what common dinos you see around you the most (or what spawns when you do a small common scent). And then find the corresponding Dino on the website to see what area that is. :slightly_smiling_face:



My park isn’t considered a park in the game. It’s so frustrating. I have to drive 20 miles to the next park.

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Only then outer edges of it actually spawn dinos because it is a cemetary.

My cemetery is a different color than the rest of the map and not the color of a park. But no dinosaurs spawn in it. This same cemetery on Pokémon go is on fire with Pokémon though lol.

Then my park which the game doesn’t consider s park is that same color as the cemetery. But my park has supply drops. It’s just not the color of a park and I don’t get the park spawns. It’s lame.