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1.9 Tier List!

Hey Everyone! We are officially done with the 1.9 Tier List! Check it out! :grin:


SO glad to see that GamePress has the same opinion of DracoceRAT-OPs as I do! :rofl:



Nice to see Edmontoguanodon be able to keep up with the others. Same as Sucho.

I didn’t realize Paramoloch was so low.

Aw Rinex went down?..regardless of the general usefulness, its still my beloved champion :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry to be negative but this is a horrible tier list. So many mistakes were made and it just feels argh!

Firs things first, Tenontorex, Diorajasaur and several others should be thrown out of high apex and into tyrant. Their good dinos and it’s bad that their not tyrant, secondly, pterovexus. It got better, but this is an exaggeration. Mid apex yea maybe but high apex? I’m sorry but there’s no way this thing is better then tragodistis and ardontosaurus! Which should be way higher! Next up, monomimus got much more improvements then pterovexus, and it didn’t make low apex, it should be low apex. What about the fact that you guys still put delta in beta? Why? And why the hell us stygidaryx low apex. How is Alankylosaurus higher? Stygidaryx is def mid apex. Nasutoceratops is terrible and you rank it in beta. That thing is one of the worst raresin the game right now. Many other mistakes were made, but I shall not list them all. I’m sorry that this may come across as rude but I just disagree with this tier list so much.

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You’re going to need a whole tissue box for all that crying, lol.

It’s just a list. It doesn’t change the gameplay in any way.

Dude I’m not crying, I’m just pointing out stuff I disagree with

Yeah but dilo and teno for example are nowhere near tyrant… i use both and while they are good dinos like you say. But good isnt enough to put it into a group of the very best in the game.

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I have to say that seeing Alanky being raised is very surprising. I know nullifiers are not so prevalent now, but there are enough chompers about to make it a crap Dino, and even that’s being kind!

Appreciate your thoughts on it! Tyrant and High Apex were hotly debated this time and we even thought about making a new tier to help with that. But ultimately we wanted to keep Tyrant what it is, the best of the best and ultimately what is meta defining. Apex are still VERY good dinos and end-game worthy on the right team.

Alankylo is higher than Daryx simply because of its armor and it actually has a rampage move. With the rise of immune creatures, Daryx loses even more matchups than it did before (sadly). Vex got a pretty big HP and Attack buff so it has the ability to survive more match ups and maybe even come in multiple times.

We’ll be doing a community tier list again in the next week or so, so you will have another chance to voice your opinions there as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

Alankylosaurus didn’t move up or down this time. It’s the same as it was last patch at Mid Apex.

Alanky is a very good creature for a legendary. It can be better than Stegod in many situations.

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Ah my mistake Piere, I was following on from Lords post, but regardless, it’s still a crappy Dino!

Congratulations to procerathomimus for being the first epic to reach tyrant their


It’s pretty sad that the abomination of an epic got into tyrant tier, it’s not just a “gross miscalculation” anymore, but a complete incompetence :rage:

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Bleh, Stgydaryx still low apex

It needs a buff

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After Boost 2.0, as there are boost caps, speedsters are having problems. They have to sacrifice health or damage for speed.


Im absolutly agree with the list, exept of Dioraja. I think it would be in Tyrant. Dilo and teninto are in right place (High apex)

congrats to make tyrant a more compact tier this time. the best of the best.

i was worried about 1.8 list with so many tyrants, and was afraid to see some trivialized tyrant tier with even more creatures.

now it feels more… special. :wink:

…unfortunately I guess we are gonna see more people complaining about having 1 legendary and 1 epic in tyrant, or the religious hate for dracobomb (it being a tyrant, apex or scavenger)… than about having 1 unique in apex low, 1 rare in apex mid, or 2 commons in alpha high.

another 1.9 tier? an update? a different one? (confused). :scream:

A well made list. I may have some doubt about a particular dino but never more than one level up or down. Congratulations guys, good job.

It confirms what was presupposed, the shame of having an epic and the legendary easier to create in Tyrant and having uniques like Apex mid and low. In addition, it can no longer be assumed that it is a “miscalculation” of Ludia because the damn goat has been Tyrant since she left (I think only Erli and Tryko share that honor) nor can it be assumed that Ludia will solve that error and if it was already a error that Yoshi was an Apex1 in version 1.8, can not be considered “calculation error” conversion into Tyrant. Ludia’s little respect for the opinion of the players is demonstrated despite good attempts in other aspects.