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1.9 Tyrant and Apex predictions

After experiencing the changes in the meta so far, heres what i think the tyrants (pretty sure we’re getting high and low tyrant now) and apex tier dinos are. Note: this isnt official, and i have no affiliations with gamepress. This is all purely my opinion, feel free to disagree :slight_smile:

High Tyrant: Trykosaurus, Magnapyritor, Indoraptor Gen 2, Ardentismaxima, Geminititan, Erlidominus, Erlikospyx, Diorajasaur

Low Tyrant: Indoraptor, Dracoceratops, Smilonemys, Tenentorex, Utarinex, Utahsinoraptor, Procerathomimus (only here cuz while it is op for an epic, the shift to immune meta means distraction wont be as useful, which i think is going to hinder it)

High Apex: Thoradolosaur, Grypolyth, Dsungaia, Phorusaura, Quetzorion, Ardontosaurus, Thylacotator, Diloracherius, Tryostronix

Mid Apex: Alankylosaurus, Allosinosaurus, Megalosuchus, Suchotator, Skoolasaurus, Monostegotops, Brontolasmus, Indominus Rex, Indominus Rex gen 2, Diloranosaurus, Spinotahsuchus, Smilocephalosaurus, Stegodeus, Tragodistis, Carbotoceratops

Low Apex: Tyrannolophasaur, Stygidaryx, Pterovexus, Touramoloch, Ankyntosaurus, Diplovenator, Monomimus, Carbonemys, Ornithomimus

What do you think of it? What do you agree and disagree with?


Still too soon to call for the most part, but for me personally replacing Dilo “Eventually” has become ASAP. Although I haven’t ran into players with a full 1.9 meta team yet, bots running 1.9 meta dinos have given me a taste of things to come. If a bot can throw up an annoyance against Dilo with them, in the hands of thinking players 1.9 meta dinos will become a serious problem for Dilo when brought up to team level, properly boosted and fielded. Don’t think my boy will come close to Tyrant this time.
There’s just too much immunity now and all that’s left is a double rampage trick dino.
EDIT: And Magna is back baby!
Magna don’t care about all 1.9’s fancy new fangled moves.
He’s immune too! And he’s going to nullify all that shiny glowing animation jazz.

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im well aware it’s too early for a tier list. just giving my thoughts and predictions :smiley:


Tyrant was a new class given to the handful of creatures just too powerful for the Apex class. If you create a Tyrant tier with high/low then you just eliminated the whole purpose.

Now you need another class higher than Tyrant.

Or just stick with 4-7 creatures that belong.


High Apex: monostegotops


gamepress itself considered it since theres now 12 tyrants. I feel like there might be even more now, so i added it in my own list

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How about Tryostronix ? Its a beast in 1.9 and I would certainly place it in low tyrant / hig apex.

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since i didnt have the 1.8 tier list to take a look at the dinos to pick from, i may have missed a few based off of memory. I went ahead and put Tryostonix on, and I agree with you in regards to it being High Apex instead of Mid Apex this time around. I dont think it’s quite ready for tyrant yet though


It still gets out sped by enough and out HP’d by a few that I don’t think it’s going to make tyrant.


Then they need to eliminate a tier otherwise it starts all over again.

Tryostronix is Tyrant.

High Tyrant: Apatosaurus. :wink:


Tryo is most definitely not tyrant. It pretty much only serves as a revenge killer, and even then it’s too slow to be a good one. I’d be shocked if it went past mid apex.

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Considering that smiloceph is now immune to stuns, I was thinking it and DC should be closer in terms of tiers. By no means is smilo tyrant, but it is a hard counter to DC. (more so than smilonemys due to the attack stats.)

Tis a sad day for dilorach.

Obviously High Apex: Smiloceph (new inminity) and monostegotop

I feel like Phorusaura could be used for the rat exterminator role as well since it also gets instant rampage and a rampage and run move. It’s also faster, so i think Phorusaura might be better than smiloceh in that department

True. I didn’t realize phorusaurua had a base of 1500 attack.

Too slow? So I need to Speed up to 165??

boosts are not considered on the tier lists for this game. Base stats only

If we aren’t talking no boosts and even levels this is a pointless discussion. Everything is broken with boosts.