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1.9 Tyrant predictions

I only have a general idea as to what tyrant may look like. Heres what i think:

High Tyrant: Trykosaurus, Procerathomimus, Geminititian, Smilonemys, Erlikospyx, Erlidominus, Indoraptor Gen 2, Diorajasaur, Magnapyritor, Ardentismaxima

Low Tyrant: Thoradolosaur, Utarinex, Utahsinoraptor, Dracoceratops, Tenentorex, (possibly) Indoraptor

Ardentimaxima is high Tyrant easily

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I was debating that too, but after some thought, i think you might be right. Went and fixed it

I agree with this prediction.

Can someone who is versed in the endgame meta explain Smilonemys? How come everyone is sure it’ll be high tyrant without hands on? Is it just because it’s the Anti-Rat, or it’s high Attack with armor?

high damage, high armor, decent hp, has a shield basic move thatll completely negate damage unless it as least bypasses armor, has access to distraction, has a buffing move, a swap out move, and swap in stun. This thing has pretty much everything


Thanks. That’s what I was assuming about it was that it is essentially another Tryko “do-it-all”

Just wanted to be sure.

Looking at this kit I think it’s safe to say it could 1v1 majority of the Tyrants with a W. Magna and Maxima are probably the best counters to it. Maybe Indo2 if they misplay a turn.

Thank goodness it doesn’t have devastation 3X lol

Maxima and Procerath are gonna be tyrant for sure. Indorator has a decent shot too.

almost agree with this list.
Except 3 things:
-i don’t think dioraja will have his place on high tyrant,low tyrant,i think
-indoraptor gen 1 will probably go to high tyrant,its almost immune now
-we don’t know yet the stats of smilonemys so,take care

Indoraptor will become the number one Dino as there are no counters for it. It’s got cleansing and will be immune to distraction and stun so what can beat it if it has reasonable boosts in place?
Only a heavy chomper, and even then with a 3 move evasive it could still withstand that!

and the gen 2 one looks even better. Those two look beastly now