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1.9 update

As you all may or may not know we are like almost three quarters of the way through 1.8 so 1.9 should be kinda soon,anyway I predict that aquatics will be coming and there will be lots of new creatures like
Charcorodontasaurus(might not be spelled right)
Compsagnathus (in little groups of 3)
New ceratopsians and new aquatics
Oh and also I think maiasaura needs a hybrid
The dinosaurs that don’t have hybrids are
Marsupial lion
And monomoletrodon
Yes I know there is more dinosaurs without hybrids but I can’t remember lmao
Let me know your predictions for 1.9 down below
Also Active dinos alliance is still accepting and we need players
But yh let me know your predictions

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Wow something not negative. Ok

The Raptor squad will not get any hybrids. Ludia wants there to be two types of dino, battle arena and tournament. Sometimes these are the same. Boosts clearly have a cut off point for worth. 512 boosts to gain 2% attack is not going to be worth it. Better to tier 5 several tournament only dinos then to spend that.

Maiasaura is getting a hybrid. Ludia likes to use obscure and hard to find dinos to create new ones so as to give a long term goal. In the begining of the game that was good but after a while it leads to many people never using the new dino.

Procerathomimus will Not get a hybrid. Passing out it’s components, and even it, like candy was Ludia’s way to deal with the Thor issue people complain about. Because it is only Epic it is easy to get up to a level to compete with the Thor. If they make a hybrid it would take forever to get up to a good enough level to bring down the green monstrosities. If they nerf Thor people will scream about how Ludia wastes all of their hard earned resources and they’ll let the whole world know they are done. Better to pass out things that make their resources useless.

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I’m still hoping for a boost rework requiring the use of dinosaur dna to apply the boost. It’s supposed to be a get out and hunt for dinosaurs to get ahead game, not a lean over and hunt for your wallet to buy your way ahead game. But I’m not going to hold my breath cause I don’t feel like suffocating.

Definitely hoping for improvements to the matchmaking algorithm. Been thinking about ways it could be improved, one of which is the way trophies are awarded. A lower positioned player should never be penalized for being defeated by a higher positioned player just as a higher positioned player shouldn’t be promoted for defeating a lower positioned player. Equally positioned players the victor should be promoted while the loser should remain where they are. The only time a player is really demoted is when they are defeated by a lower positioned opponent. Again, not holding my breath.

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I posted this before but I hope they combine Phorusrhocus and the Marsupio Lion and make a Griffin which would be a legendary.

Then I want them to combine a Pyroraptor and a Darwezopteryx and make a Pheonix.

They could combine Scaphognthus and Nonopatotitan and make a unique Flying Dragon


I’m surprised to find less discussion. Honestly I’m not sure if Dragon’s and Phoenix are a joke or a way of steering a conversation. So I’ll bump.

The Scapphy bird is a good canidate. It’s been out a while and not easy to get, at least for me.

I believe there is a chance in this patch or the next for some attempt to either introduce new swap in abilities or do something to old ones since many higher players don’t bother with them.

I feel Procerathomimus might get a hybrid, but unsure at the same time. If it did, id love to see a fusion with Phorusrhacos


Rarity: unique

Materials: Procerathomimus and Phorusrhacos

Hp: 3500
Attack: 1650
Speed: 131
Armor: 0%
Crit Chance: 5%


Instant Distraction
Distracting Rampage
Raking Claws
Nullifying Strike

Swap in Dodge

The creature would use the terror bird animations and model, and have red legs and yellow talons, an ugly mix of green and brown body, a longer tail similar to procerathomimus, and the head would include the head feathers on the back of it’s head and have a more yellowish-orange beak

Would look much better than Smiloceph’s design lol


My main thought was that the terror bird was going to be fused with either Procera or Dimodactylus. Then Smilodon decided to have alternative preferences.

Now it’ll likely end up being something weird like Nasutoceratops.

Hi… I had to look them up, but the 2nd & 3rd animals on your list at “Charcharodontosaurus” and “Archaeopteryx” :smiley: I’d like to see Maiasaurus get a hybrid, along with the Brontotherium (but please, Ludia, nothing as butt-awful ugly as the Smilocephalosaurus, LOL). I’m honestly torn about adding any more mammals… being one myself, I have nothing against them, but I’m here for the dinosaurs!