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1 bug, 2 glitches (minor)

When your donation limit reaches the max for a person and the chat refreshes (that thing which locks down chat for a few seconds) the donation icon turn back to light green and if you try to donate to any target you already reached the limit you get the message saying the donation limit was reached but the donation per minute limit is still deducted.

If the mindflayer boss switches farideh and saarvin positions with her using reflect and him with counterattack on, they graphically do not switch positions. I’m still able to use the 2 field range skills with saarvin and can’t use my AC debuff with farideh though (still not maxed). Have seen this kind of thing happens at some instances with pull and push monsters too.

Lastly, today after ladder reset my first fight at pvp event was vs a bot. When I lost ( lvl 20, bleh), I saw the trophy down count and went to check if I entered battle by mistake. I was not mistaken, since I’m still at my current reset points.

Please fix server issues, no one likes to lose battles already won due to infinite loading.

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Hey Wolvierine, thanks for reporting these issues to us. Could I ask you to reach out to our support team here at with your support key? It’d help our team in investigating/tracking these issues.