1 button evolve

some creatures, i have accumulated tens of thousand dnas. then if i want to evolve/upgrade a dino, i need to press the “CREATE” button 1000 times, and each time consumes 6 seconds. so if i want to use up all dnas, it will take 6000 seconds almost 2 hours repeating the same action…

so i am wondering ludia would create a button for players who want to evolve 1 grade by just pressing once ( plus a confirmation message)…so that if i want to upgrade 5 levels, i just need to press 5 times.


I took almost my whole lunch break to take my stegaceratops from level 26 to level 27. Its so boring.


i have been pressing the button since tuesday…from 25 to 26

A constructive idea thread?!?! :wink:
jk keep them coming I like it!

mine is a RARE…i need to press from 0 to 10,000 …want to cry…

Upper level players drop game because of repetitive tasks like this, worse than crunching pidgeys, more time consuming and less rewarding.
This ridiculous tap, wait and watch the animation, tap, wait and watch the animation 1000X is a deal breaker for me.
Level 20 dinos seems to be the breaking point for tapping 250 times at 10 dna per.
7 second animation.
It shouldn’t take a half hour of “play” time to upgrade a dino from level 19 to level 20. Yet, here we are.

Hard pass.

Only if at the same time they provide a way of locking a creature so it can’t be evolved by accident.

Please, yes! And the lock feature too.

ya, even just a visual loop. So press the button once, but it will repeat the action until you have reached the next level (RNG still has to run for each fusion obviously).