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1 characters photo button is broken

I’ve completed Antoine’s story line but when I click the new photo button next to the name I get this screen. It’s showing a match screen with no photo.

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It look like this. I can’t see any pics. I taped all buttons, it brought me to chat mode.

Hey Something_Wrong, could you send an email to our support team at Please include your support key in the email as well. Thank you! :smiley:

Seems I can’t see anyone’s photos anymore. All I get is this screen.image

I had this bug too. I restarted the app and it fixed it.

Before it was working. Not sure what triggers it, but I can’t check their profile anymore, nor check the photos.

This is always showing whenever I click the profile or photos of all my matches, nothing happens when clicking the Heart, X and Chat Now.

EDIT: It fixed by restarting the game.

Recently, I can’t read the info on the cards when they come up. All of the text on the cards look like this screenshot I’ve taken. Anyone know a solution?Screenshot_20200917-141600|281x500

Hey stacyc435, could you please try closing and relaunching the app and see if that fixes the issue?

Okay! Thank you for replying, Ned. I’ll try again and wait for new matches to show up. :smile:

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So for a couple of days I can’t access the pics section for Antoine. Instead, I get a screen which shows a profile for a pic-less “Alice Martin”. Because of that I can’t buy the pics without trying to scroll all the way to them through the chat history, which is really bothersome. Just wanted to know that the bug is being taken care of.

I have same problem with Noah, its going on several days already and restarting app wasnt working earlier and doesnt work now too. Its always bugged profile of Alice Martin showing. Nothing like that goes with other conversation. only with Noah. Hope support will take care of this in nearest future…

I’m having this same issue with Noah’s pictures and profile. :confused: I’ve restarted the app numerous times but alas, no luck.

Everytime I try to look at Noah’s photo gallery it won’t open.


This ends up showing up instead.

The only way I can see his photos by is to scroll back through all our chats.

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I have the EXACT SAME error and it’s bugging me so much!!!

I’ve had that happen. Hard closing the app and restarting fixes it for me.

I tired closing out the app but it’s still not working for me and I just bought some pictures I can’t see

I’ve had the same error for the past several days. I actually spent more gems on his photos than anyone else’s, so it’s kind of a shame they’re all gone now. I guess I’m glad to know it’s not just my app. Hopefully that means it’s something they’ll fix soon.

Hey everyone, the team is aware and they’re looking into this. :face_with_monocle: Thank you!

When trying to go on either the second or third date with Daniel it give me an error message. I know some people have already made topics about this but, I’ve restarted my phone, used my data, reset me router, and unmatched him and re-matched him. After the game reloads if you click on his picture to unmatch him so strange stuff goes on. Hopefully these pictures can help in someway and the bug/glitch gets sorted soon!

Screenshot_20201004-084652_Lovelink|230x500 Screenshot_20201004-084124_Lovelink Screenshot_20201004-084116_Lovelink

This is a pretty common big that a lot of people have experienced or are still experiencing. So far there’s no definite solution and you can only hope it will eventually fix itself in the meantime. Hopefully the dev team will find a solution to it though. I had that same issue with a character for a little while, but the bug fixed itself although that seems to be a rare outcome.