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1 Cloak Dino in the Game?

Sooo… I guess Revenge Cloak doesn’t count as a Cloak anymore :joy:


This came up the other day that for some reason it doesn’t count anymore. Don’t know why because really it should.


You do realize it’s because of the level right? There’s a check mark besides cloak but it needs to be level 16 or above. :expressionless:

Unless you have Indom (gen 1) or Erlidom and you’re referencing those not showing up.

It may be that they have other cloak dinos that aren’t showing, as opposed to the fact that that one is not high enough level.

I checked my self. Indom Gen 1 and Erlidom don’t show up

Yeah I just realized.

Haven’t seen your name in quite some time. Welcome back :ok_hand:t2: