1 Coin Per DNA Collected


Great suggestion for the coin drought as it takes 1 week to level a dino, is for every DNA collected by darts gives you 1 coin too that has its own coin limit seperate from supply boxes.

1 coin per DNA with a limit isnt too much and it will help level 1 dino a little quicker. Coin starvation is a big deterrant at the moment.


They should just increase the amount from Arena incubators and supply drops.


Let us sell DNA for gold… easiest solution


Or as someone else suggested, sell incubators for gold. It keeps PvPers motivated to continue and gives people short on cash for upgrades a way to shore up dwindling funds. In both respects, the PvP pool - for which PvP is half the game - swells, giving us more players to play against. :slight_smile:


Also you get rid of the incubators you don’t really want. Loving this idea!