1 epic strike for 60 supply drops

Hi all. I’m a bit disappointed today… 1 epic strike event only for 60 supply ‘s drop… Cannot get it cause he is far away and with the covid hard to go out. I don’ t understand how it’s possible… Why not more :angry:


I can’t even see one so yeah ur kinda lucky u can see one

Haha that true, but really bad we cannot find one… Those gold and DNA are needed badly :sob:


If I didn’t see this post, I might have forgot there was an epic strike today. I can’t see any from where I’m at.

This is probably why ludia should add some sort of update where strike events more or something, like move spots whenever the supply drops refresh. I literally only have the counter strike experienced thing in my circle, nothing else

I don’t see any at all.

@Ned I didn’t know that I would have to travel 96 miles to find 1 epic strike if this is supposed to be normal do you think the least Ludia could do is announce it so that I can atleast plan to drive 96 miles… on a Friday In the future

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As unbelievable as it sounds I had one directly in the middle of my range lol

Half of Europe is back in lockdown, pretty good timing again.

Ludia : “I’m not making the same mistake again”
Players : …


This topic has been more or less raised already and the translation of the corporate speech is.

Ludia: “It hasn’t crossed our mind but keep asking.”