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Just to replenish my 4 incubators. This is crazy. Why even play at this point? Give us a plain out a.i. option. If you are not going to resolve the buying glitch on boosts, we should have the option to not fight these players.


I’m in aviary and I can fill my incubators in half an hour … sometimes more sometimes less my advice… be better

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I only play enough for 10 take downs for my daily boosts.


I’m always surprised when people say they don’t battle… for me it’s one of the main parts of the game and one I enjoy I usually battle around 30-40 times a day even with full incubators


Must be nice. Pretty much all i can fight these days is AI because i don’t want to wait 20min to find a human opponent. I went from doing 50-100 battles a day to just fighting enough bots to get my battle inc.


An AI option before matchmaking begins would be absolutely wonderful. And for lower arenas too. :slightly_smiling_face:


But if you give everyone an AI before Matchmaking battle button, everyone would just take the easy way out. There would be even less matches between players, longer wait times for those matches, and people in high level arenas who don’t belong there simply because they never play against another human being.


@Mitchell_Hein, and?


…and who would ever bother fighting other players again?
It would be the end of actual PvP.

Nah, not even close. Plenty of people like the guy above who likes to do 4,000 matches a day.

AI option would be fine. :slight_smile:


For the last 3 days I’ve filled them in 4 battles each time. Not normal but I’m not complaining

I have the same experience, but I’m only in Lockdown (Arena 6).
From what I read on this forum, I think it is MUCH harder to find opponents in higher arenas.
However, giving everyone an opt-out button to play AI (which is weaker than playing humans) means even fewer opponents and I can’t see that fixing the situation.

boosts took away the need to hunt, and matchmaking has taken away the ability to battle.

do you ever feel like maybe ludia doesn’t even want us to play this game any longer?


I takes me around 9 to 20+ battles to get all 5 INCs. It’s a painful and unpleasant experience at best.

The Boosts are the only reason I even queue up.


Boosting has not taken away the need to hunt. The higher the level the more effect boosting has on them…

Anyway, I would love a battle AI option all the time also. A bit tired of going against Dracocera swapping. Bots don’t abuse or spam it so its even cool when AI has DC.


Indeed, Draco and Thor are another huge reason why I don’t enjoy PvP at all.


For me Thor is more bearable. I kill Thor pretty decently. However, Thor is a big problem when it has the 135 speed. Ridiculous.

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When you see the 135 speed Thor you know that player put all of his speed boosts into it. And that’s when you see the problem on Thor. When its faster than almost everything. And has the damage output to possibly crush everything. 127 should be its top speed for now. It doesn’t cause nearly as much problems under 135. I know because mine isn’t 135 speed lol and I don’t 3-0 people like that.

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Agreed. I think going all in on any dino is game breaking at this early stage. I’ve seen a few go all in on Magna and that is just as bad.

Draco SIA for 3k+ is the worst though. Still can’t believe thats even a thing. :thinking:


Yeah so battling AI would be nice. Let all the boosted Dracos fight eachother. I would still battle players. Just not all the time. I think it could ease tension. Instead of dealing with 135 speed thors when we are just trying to get our incubators.

Sometimes I sit down and I’m like- okay let’s do some battles. Other times I’m like- okay I need my incubators.

Frustration can set in on the latter for people I bet. Plus it helps those who need to do the 12/12 battles for daily rewards.