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Why does anyone battle if your only reason for battling is to fight bots for incs? Why do you need to build up your dinos to fight AI? It just sounds like a huge waste of time. The main point of this game is to build your dinos up to smash on other players. If I want to fight bots, I’ll just pull out the Sega Genesis and put in Street FIghter 2. I don’t need JWA for that.


Well it would be an option lol. I’m more of a Mortal Kombat player xd

Right now the point of the game is to boost and overlevel DC so they can spam it or save it for the winning blow. Or spam the regen swap lol. That or dump all speed boosts into Thor and dominate other players.

There’s no regard to other players so bots sound great to me.

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A B A C A B B is the Draco code :sunglasses:


Pvp should be in the tournaments only without boost and set rules.
Arena now is boring you see the same 8 dinos each match its just not fun at least the ai mix it up and can still lose fighting them if they get pulled a good Dino.
Like in JWTG it’s all ai but just uses other players teams.

Which is what I loved doing… until boosts came along. I spent weeks biking around a nearby park to get my tenonto up to L30 to have a great thor counter, but now? Even a L27 thor, which my tenonto should easily dispatch, with boosted everything will wipe out most of my team. So why bother building? The way they front-loaded so many boosts means that it will take months to try and get ahead on some of these monsters, if it’s even possible.

I need the daily incubator for the boosts, but not the hassle of getting chomped for an hour to get it. Fight AI, done.


For me, it’s because I believe PvP can be fun again, some day. Every Boost that you miss puts you further behind so you kind of have to get that daily battle inc.




Sorry guys - I have both a 135 Thor and a 3050K drax… :frowning:

Seriously just trying to keep up these days… I really liked 1.6. Though I complained about RNG even then.

And yes… Magna - that’s a big counter! Would love one of those.

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I have not played since day 1, but I have played for a year (maybe more). Afraid it was always the same set of 8 dinos by the time you hit Ruins. Now they are just boosted. And yeah, Drax is in the mix these days.

A lonesome boosted up lvl 30 JP1 Rex this week would be nice for the strike tower.

How does one be better when their 2600 Damage Thor with 6k health kills your dinosaurs with a single hit?

If everyone was fighting AI to effect matchmaking that much, then they weren’t battling othe players anyway…so it’s a paradox.

Personally I want option to fight AI with no delay, when I do get bots I find it fun.
It’s not fun fighting a Thor or rat that one shots your dinosaurs with non crits.

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Because not everyone what’s pvp only, I have more fun fighting at epic towers than I do with boosted arena.

Different people have different ideas if fun!

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Battling AI does not solve all problems, but the reason why people want to fight AI is te real problem.

I think that a lot of people dont like battling PvP as it stands now, and thats were the need for battling AI comes from. And why is that people dont like PvP? Just read this forum and youll find enough threads that explain that.

Sure, you want us all to play PvP again? Well, make it more interesting to do then. Fix matchmaking, fix the boosts, add rewards belonging to a specific trophy count. There are tons of ideas to make PvP more interesting. They are just not there.


A dedicated AI option would be an awesome idea just so you can replenish your incubators without the risk of having the bad luck of being matched with teams higher than you or boosted to the max Thor’s that one shot your hole team and it takes you hours for some players to get one incubator, then once they are filled you can carryon playing for your trophies. @Happyhappyjoyjoy Reference your comment about needing to get better at the game it doesn’t take any skill to boost your Thor to god proportions and one shot hole teams same as any of the creatures.

That long, really wow. What’s your team

Because I still hold out hope Ludia will bring future balance and enjoyment back into the game. If they would state what their actual plans are, I could make the decision to keep playing or add this icon to the page of games I stopped playing and open now and again to see if anything changed.

If boosts are here to stay and users will need to purchase 2 per day and one on Sunday to enjoy the game, I will stop playing. If it remains in the current state, I will stop playing. If they can find a balance where matchmaking will give me challenging and fun battles more times than not, I will keep playing.

In the meantime, I need to keep up accumulating boosts and other resources from the battle incubators so I will have the same amount as others when it comes time to use them. If I do not battle and hunt, I will be uncompetitive in the long game.

I fell enough in trophies to where I either overpower my opponent because I am just that many more levels higher, or they thrash me because they got their one or two highly boosted Dino picked. Fun, challenging battles are few and far between. I do not enjoy beating a much inferior opponent 3-0 and I do not like to get beaten 0-3 simply because I did not stand a chance.

AI at least gives me a chance to win battles in a timely manner without the frustration while I await a decision from Ludia. I would rather be out hunting than getting thrashed in battles but battling is a necessary part of the game to farm resources from. If Ludia created a better balance in finding opponents, this conversation would never take place as everyone would be battling similar strength teams and be satisfied.


Pretty much sums up my 1.7 Arena experience as well. I still have faith that our devs can get us rolling smoothly again. I’m not ready to give up just yet. :slightly_smiling_face:


I just do not have 1.5 hours a day to get 4 incubators or kill 10 Dino’s. The match making in aviary is a joke. The last buying glitch, which I did buy all available to me, is allowing for complete mismatch. Obviously, Ludia does not care.
Here is some thing Ludia is completely missing also: A majority of their paying customers are parents, both my wife and I play, or at least have it on our phones, cause our kids play. If our kids quit we quit. I do enjoy the game, but in all honesty cause my kids play. Same goes for my wife. And under this current way, my kids have dropped 2 arenas and have called bs in lower arenas get less boosts for killing 10 Dino’s. They get 2 per each type. There is no way, they will ever catch up at this point. And for them playing 30-40-50…minutes to get incubators and 10 Dino’s killed, is not realistic for them. So interest in the game is down.
I get it, there will be haters that will post :cry: and stuff like that. But when they are no other kids in the sand box to play with, they can be the hero’s from zero.
An easy fix is have the boosts for tournament only, get them out of arena completely. After all tournaments are to show case your hard work, and spending. Ludia actually get rid of the players who exploited the game. Offer the option of a boost free arena. Or simply offer AI battles. There’s plenty they can do to fix this and make the game enjoy able again.
Good news though, it took only 47 minutes to get my 4 incubators today.

I do other things. Many people who play this have jobs. Time flies.