1 hour for 3 incubators just doesn't fly

I know, I know, “get good” or “git gud”. I’m not here to complain about rng.

Can we please have faster animations? This is driving me insane.

I admit i still make silly mistakes, especially while learning how to best use new additions to my team, and I don’t mind losing, the trophies aren’t a thing for me. I like trying to learn from my losses. I won’t go into the rng run I’ve had tonight, because everyone has them and everyone has a story like that (and I know it goes both ways). But I’ve been playing for an hour and I’ve got 3 incubators because the fights are so slow.

Can we get faster animations? Or turn them off? Or even give us a forfeit option - like 3 forfeits every hour? Sometimes you know you’re done after the second minute, but the fights still take an average of 5-6 minutes.

10 fights, 3 incubators, 1 hour spent getting frustrated. I acknowledge that some days I win 5 out of 6, it’s not an rng gripe, but even those days that in in form it’s 40 minutes that could be 20.

Double speed fights, please.

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I clicked on the thread with this thought, but after reading I see you’re talking about a whole different issue and I actually agree with you!

The worst is when 2 tragos ss each other. The “change which dino is faster” animation is incredibly slow and has me thinking I’ve been disconnected almost every time. Also it’s completely unnecessary when one of the dinos is to die this turn.

Turning animations off can’t work unless your opponent has done the same.
Forfeit is definitely something that I’d want sometimes, but I think it’ll lead to many people throwing battles they could have won. Needs to be implemented very carefully.

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When I’ve got incubators full, I usually loose a couple of battles as quickly as I can sometimes the opponent doesn’t realise this and takes forever to finish me off which is quite annoying. I do this so the next time I need replacement incubators it’s quicker as I don’t always have time to spare. I know this isn’t exactly what your talking about but it does help you and others too. There’s no incentive to be 4300 trophies vs 4100. Just an idea.

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Yes, this (the speed of battles) is something that’s been bothering me for a while, but after they changed the animations it became even worse. Plus the swap in effects, and the general swap in style of fighting that’s needed at the moment means longer and longer fights.

I’ve encountered people like that when I was trying to drop points to get to a different incubator arena.

Do you find it makes much of a difference for when you’re ready to play for the incubator? I like winning fights, but I’m mostly there for the incubator, I’m not terribly worried about my trophy count.

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Yeah it helps

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