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+1 if you are going UNBOOSTED after BOOST refund

I’ve been thinking a little bit about it.

As it is impossible to reach that competitive level update after update when new dinos are introduced, new abilities, new metas (apart from bleed meta which has been completely destroyed). Not many can afford for boosts so I maybe stick to unboosted dinos as long as my patience keeps intact.

What are you going to do?

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i’m going to try. the impulse to boost again will be there, but my team has changed very little since i started boosting things. i want to be able to play so many more creatures.
So unboosted at the start. then play for a while with other creatures and experiment with my team.


Thinking about to continue unboosted as i ve been playing unboosted since v2 were introduced.
But something inside me also wants to spend all boosts if there will be propper balance between all dinos unless ludia multiples the price of boosts like they did last time :money_mouth_face:
Btw deboost token item would be amazing addition to the game. Accessable from shop for example or from strike towers for free lets say 1x month

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I will go once again and give it a try especially with all the new uniques that I have unlocked I would like to experiment what work and try to have fun

I’m definitely going to remain unboosted. I am considering giving boosts a go before the reset, but I don’t think I’ll be able to bring myself to do that.

I am going to approach it strategically to make sure even distribution. Also will be thinking in regards to strengths and weaknesses while augmenting them accordingly. But here is the billion dollar question, will the refunding still be 50% for when we want to change the boost lay out into another dinosaur.

Been entirely unboosted since Boosts 2.0 launched and I don’t plan on using boosts anytime soon.

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Ima do a sort of experiment and see if boosts are that big of a thing

I’ve been playing unboosted for several months now (since last boost reset). I managed to reach 5500 trophies every season but the last one. My team full uniques 28/29 with a single 25.

I may use some of my boosts now that I know they’ll be reset in less than a month and test how it feels playing regular arenas. But most likely will stay unboosted for regular season and will focus the use of my boosts on tournaments.

It’s also critical to know whether we’ll be forced to use boosts to stay competitive in cooperative mode…so, it’s quite hard to make any decision right now (something is telling me Coop mode is a new avenue for selling us boosts).

I’m gonna boost now, and try out how it is. Once the reset comes, I’ll stay unboosted and use them for Tournament teams like I originally planned

Maybe make a poll in this thread to see how many want to go unboosted

I’ve been unboosted! Great way to play. I may boost up for the lols before reset but it’ll be fun dinos. Haven’t boosted since before last reset

I’m gona turbo boost my erlidom

I’m hoping not to touch stat boosts.

I’ll try too. After seeing a large number of people manage to climb the arena without impulses, they gave me a little hope … although I know it won’t last long and I will use it again.

Depends how many people still have 140+ speed Thors after the reset :unamused:

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Since the last boost reset I have played on my secondary account 100%. boost free.

The highest Trophy count I reached is 4750.

I’m now at 4600, and I just about tread water now.

Despite levelling my whole team up by two or three levels, I still lose more than I win, dropping into Lockwood at least twice a week.

So be warned, every time you face a Dino three or four levels lower than your exact same Dino, and you lose because theirs is faster, remember you chose not to use boosts!

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You wants it you got it

I am going to go unboosted

  • Yes
  • No

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Can only fight boosts with boosts. I’m not gonna let an ultraThor wipe my entire team without a chance to hit it back. It’s a necessary evil to keep me from losing my sanity.


Not me. Arena is important to me, and the only way to seriously compete in arena is to boost. If it’s in the game, even if I think it’s a bad, pay to win system, I will go along with it to have a competitive team.