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Have you ever been in a situation like you go out for one dinosaur you need so bad and it just disappeared right in front of you? For me it was a monolophosaur ,which is the rarest dinosaur ,except erlikosaurus in my county.

Leave in the comments what dinosaur dispawned before you could get DNA from it.


Dilo, Erliko and that happend more than once. There were more dino, but these two hurted the most.

If we will ever have an option to send epic dna to an alliance member I will send you some :smiley: RaptorSquadMiskolc 4 life :smiley:

T. Rex…And Spino…Only the ones I want most XD

Monolophosaurus like u :c

Thanks for the comment and i hope the epic DNA trade will be in the next update.

Also Orano…its happened numerous times to me