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1 thank you, 1 suggestion and 1 complaint

  1. First and foremost… thank you Ludia so much for the ability to bulk buy darts! Also, thank you for the giga scent! The frequency of which the dinos spawn is amazing.

  2. Suggestion - this is the second week in a row I don’t have a single event supply drop in my extended range… and there are 9 drops in my range. My only option is when I go out to get pick up food or hit the grocery store. Both my kids also will not get a single dino from both week’s events… they both play the game.
    First suggestion - make event drops more available… with the COVID stuff going on.
    Second option - make all drops event drops for short periods of time during the day. This will give the ones stuck at home a chance to get event dinos.

  3. Complaint - has there been any word on when this auto closing map stuff will be fixed? This is getting highly frustrating when I go to catch a dino while out and it automatically closes on me and by the time I can get it open again he’s disappeared off the map. Or when supply drops auto close when I’m trying to spin them.