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1 Year Anniversary ,, not much to write home about

C’mon Ludia, what you’ve given us so far is worth less than 1 percent of what we got on St Paddy’s day. I’m not saying you need to be giving away unique dinos, but useless daily gifts, the opportunity for us to give YOU more cash via a store sale, and 2 Epic strikes for the whole week? Sad and underwhelming.

This is the 1 year anniversary OF YOUR GAME, get into it!,2 Epic strikes a day, double incubator and supply stop rewards, double drone battery life, it’s just one week, you can take it, and we’d appreciate it, s’not like you didn’t just get a MASSIVE cash influx from this boost debacle, and let’s face it, you could do with engendering a bit of goodwill from the player base…


St patty’s day event is irrelevant now. Why’d I grind to get these uniques to level 25 just so someone with a 21 can stat boost and beat it?

My 26 erlidomimus just was one shot by a 23 so I closed the app. When I fight a Thor that one shots my first creature I close the app. They’re going to win anyways.

Best gift would be to remove stat boost.


Can’t really complain. It’s free stuff.


I’m not complaining, I’m flat-out saying it’s a pathetic and underwhelming way to celebrate the one year anniversary of an app that a lot of us are struggling to still love.

Wizards Unite and Minecraft Earth are on the horizon, Ludia needs to do something to prevent those apps doing to JWA , what JWA did to my PoGo habit. If Ludia doesn’t understand and act on that last sentence, they are in trouble, once it happens, it’ll be too late.


I completely agree with OP. Really 5K coins day-1 and 2K Velo DNA for day-2?

I am pretty sure even level 10 player don’t really need them as anniversary rewards.


I’m giving them the benefit of doubt that the rewards will get better. But free stuff is free… But yeah its a 1 year mark here! Kind of expected something really nice.


Can’t complain? Benefit of the doubt? Ahh forget it,dunno why I bothered wasting the keystrokes. lol

And yet you did

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Even for a Brit, your sarcasm is very sub-par. You need a hobby mate.

That face when St.Patricks Day matters more than the games anniversary.


I don’t believe it is the 1 year of the game. I believe that is in June with JWFK was released. I believe this is an anniversary for the original movie. That’s why all events are for the first movie. So I don’t think this is the 1 year anniversary of the game.

Metahub have conveniently been keeping track of it, this is week 52 of Jurassic World Alive. I’d call that a year! (Though I think Canada and Australia got it 2 months earlier, somehow).

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Oh. I guess I’m wrong but I could’ve sworn JWA was released the same month as fallen kingdom. But in the game the news feed says something like “celebrate with the movie that started it all” and it’s all original movie related week. They never mention anything about it being the anniversary of the game itself.

It is the 1 year mark for the game yep. Yeah some got it before this

Chill out. Trust me, the rewards have been subpar. I feel like they’re stingy on there own one year mark. But there’s still some days left, lets see what they do… And yes its free stuff. I’ll take it.

One would think that they would care more about there one year mark. If it were me personally, I’d throw out 2 uniques and give 3 shots at them(not each)… We know that won’t happen.

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I give up. What can man do against such reckless apathy? Nut-up, for one thing.

I bet you liked the 500 triceratops xd

I think 100 rex was like giving me 10p to go buy sweets at the shop when freddo bar is now 25p (stupid inflation)

Its like a person on bus offering you a mint which is nice and you say thank you but it isn’t the same as your boss going out his way to buy you a nice bottle of wine that tastes much better than the stuff you commonly get for working hard for a whole year.

My point is ludia don’t seem to know what they are doing at the moment and their seemingly greedy attitude is seeping through. I feel the team is different to what it was at st paddys day unless that was their plan all along.


They shouldve atleast gave us more DNAs atleast, but what can I say free stuff is free stuff. So cant really complain.

funny you say this… JWA did take away my PoGo habit… but with the boosts… my PoGo habit is back and I play less JWA now…

Even the weekly featured dino’s seem mostly irrelevant… I used to go out and grind to get all that DNA to level my dinos… why level when a boosted dino is still going to destroy my team unless I purchase boosts… PoGo may not be as fun PvP wise… but it is cheaper to play… even with multiple accounts…

Boosts destroyed the point of grinding to level Dino’s… my team is mostly level 22-25… what’s the point anymore? For me, boosts were the worst thing to happen to this game…

It’s just hard to up and quit when I know I have sunk too much money into this game already and I am hopeful the game will get better… but until that time… I only play for the strike towers and the epic featured DNA whereas I used to put in between 5-8 hours a day grinding… multiply that for almost a year and that is a lot of time…