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1 Year shy 3 days - Hit Level 20

So how long does it take a F2P player to get to level 20? I think I started last June 5th.


Congrats! :blush:

Congrats :grinning:

I’ve been FTP since launch and just hit level 20 Saturday! Congratulations!

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I started day one, but stopped playing for a few months and I’m just under lvl 18. Cool to know it takes roughly a year.

I started playing last June, and I reached L20 a few months ago. I am mainly an F2P, only bought 3 one-time offers.

Same. I tried to stay at level 19 for as long as I could because I enjoyed destroying p2w level 20 players. Boosts are broken but they have helped me create an almost perfectly balanced team.

So I thought I would evolve my Utahsino, only needed 20. Obviously got a 10!

I have to say f2p has been really fun over the past year, low stakes, and grateful for all the freebies and effort that Ludia has put in. A good achievement methinks. I’d love to see a game clock which tracks how long you have played. Imagine what else I could have done with all that time…

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I’ve been playing daily (with a month break) since June 30th… I guess I’ll hit 20 around august? I’m F2P, yes.